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Our measure of coaching practice is the global standard for Masterful Coaching.

Part of what makes the IAC® different from other coaching organizations is the way we assess coaching mastery, and our belief that attending coach training or graduating from any specific program is not sufficient evidence that a coach can, in fact, coach..

The IAC® endorses the truth that becoming a coach is a transformative process, therefore it is only right that we honor prior training, education and life experience, and measure mastery via demonstration of skill.

Become an IAC certified coach and be recognised as a Masterful Coach

Expand your Path to Coaching Excellence Through The IAC 9 Coaching Masteries®


Our Vision is to advance the profession of coaching to the highest standards of universal excellence.

The hallmark of IAC coaching philosophy is to respond and evolve to the needs of professional coaching. We believe that an IAC certified coach focuses on the distinct qualities of masterful coaching and has the ability to change the world in positive, powerful and sustainable ways. The global, diverse community of IAC coaches are committed to the IAC Values and  they passionately work together to collaborate and co-create the future of coaching.

The IAC® certification process is an ambitious and thorough one.That is why companies and clients know when they hire an IAC Certified Masteries Coach® or Master Masteries Coach®, the coach has been rigorously challenged and has proven themselves at a stellar level. This tells the client they can have confidence they are hiring coaches of the highest caliber, with a valid measure of assurance they will receive quality coaching.

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