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Coaching is a transformative process for personal and professional awareness,
discovery and growth, and the expansion of possibilities.


The IAC® has attracted over 25,000 coaches interested in furthering the interests of coaching clients worldwide.


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By becoming a member of the International Association of Coaching® you are joining a progressive coaching community and declaring your commitment to the coaching profession, the integration of coaching in other professions, and to the celebrated comprehensive standards this unique brand of certification offers.

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The IAC VOICE is the official newsletter of the International Association of Coaching. It is the best way to stay current with the constantly evolving coaching profession via articles and links to the highest value coaching information and news. The IAC VOICE is also the best way to stay current with the growing benefits of your association and the leading practices in the world of coaching.

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Would you like to get a clear picture of your knowledge of the IAC Coaching Masteries® and areas of improvement BEFORE you commit to the path to certification? It's easy! Just go through the practice exam - you'll get to test you knowledge, learn why and when certain Masteries are called for, and be able to create a clear plan for your professional development toward IAC® certification.

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The IAC® is a community of progressive and diverse coaches. With coaches from 80 countries, and even more languages, from all walks of life, you'll have no trouble finding a coach or colleague you can connect with. If you are a client, this is a great way to find the most masterful coaches in the world!

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How to License The IAC Coaching Masteries®

IAC Licensee Program

IAC®’s masteries licensing program authorizes coach mentors who IAC® members and coach training organizations with a current IAC® member representative to incorporate The Coaching Masteries® into their commercial mentoring or training programs. With this access to the Masteries, Licensees can assist clients or students in becoming masterful coaches advancing toward IAC® certification, and leverage the power and recognition of the IAC®’s rigorous certification process to further promote coaching excellence and professionalism.

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