2015 Highlights: The CPCDA Conference

CPCDA, a pioneering coaching association in Taiwan, founded by IAC Board Member Jinny Wang, organized their international coaching conference on 5th and 6th September 2015 in Kaohsiung. The theme of the conference revolved on three fascinating topics of Love, Empowerment and Leadership.
The IAC was well represented by Krishna Kumar, President (Elect) who delivered the Keynote address, Board Member Shan Moorthy from Malaysia who conducted a coaching workshop on the first day and IAC MMC, Monica Sui from Hong Kong, who conducted a workshop on the following day with both workshops being keenly attended.
The program included sightseeing on Kaohsiung famous Love River, a fellowship dinner and  the wonderful experience of interacting with coaches from Taiwan and across Asia.
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The CPCDA International Coaching Conference Day 2, workshop “The Key to Unleash Your Inner Potential”
Jinny Wang, Krishna Kumar and his wife Nima, with their participants.
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Shanmugam D. Moorthi, “Leading with Purpose and Passion”
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Krishna Kumar
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Shanmugam D. Moorthi and Jinny Wang
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