At 28, I thought I had it all figured out

By: Manjunath Chandrashekara, Business Manager and Editor for The Intrad School of Executive Coaching

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 ISEC newsletter

At 28, I thought I had it all figured out

After working in the tech domain for five years, I knew I was not in the right job and that my heart was not in it. Like many other 20 – somethings in India, I considered an MBA to be a panacea for all my career conundrums.


I seemed to have all answers to questions related to roles, responsibilities and the moolah post the MBA. Little did I know then that there were deeper questions than those pertaining to plush jobs, fancy salaries and dream companies. A year later, when on the verge of completing the ‘coveted’ Masters Degree, I was faced with the same million dollar question.

What career choice do I make ?

A month away from graduation, a Prof offered the entire class an opportunity to engage with him in a session that he called the ‘career manifesto’. In hindsight, opting to go for it was one of the best decisions I made. He posed questions which were simple yet profound and helped me channelize my energies to seek purpose. An hour later with heightened self awareness, I took the first step into my journey of self discovery.

The journey has been nothing less than a great adventure so far. Having worked in a coaching company for a little over three years now, I realize the importance of those coaching questions in the career manifesto session and the potential coaching has in bringing about transformation in our lives.

With the proverbial mid career crisis hitting working professionals well before they reach their mid thirties, coaching can come to the rescue of the millenials. The Indian youth of today, especially the millenials, no longer fancy jobs in big multi-national organizations that would promise them a steady pay cheque and job security. They are ready to take the reins of entrepreneurship, to endure the trials and tribulations of pursuing their passion and to stay put in their endeavor of treading the path less traveled.

Coaching is a great medium to engage with them and help them find definite directions in a world of infinite possibilities.



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