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Leanne Chan

When the IAC Hong Kong Chapter President, Bonnie Chan invited me to be her
successor, I highly appreciated that she embraced me as part of the team. I
hoped that would I perform well and exceed expectations.

I took quite some time to consider, take it or not? I thought: if I take it,
I must contribute more and bring more recognition to the IAC in Hong Kong. What
objectives should I set, what values should I bring to the members to maintain
the great foundation that had been established?

After thinking it over, I acknowledged that I am passionate about the IAC culture
and the 9 Masteries: how could I miss this chance to share the IAC’s mission
on a global scale? What a vital cause for transforming work into something meaningful.
Finally, I took up the role.

First, I needed to define IAC Hong Kong Chapters to support and nurture the
Hong Kong members on expanding the path to coaching mastery. We arranged bi-monthly
meetings to include members, coaching alumni, interested groups, and guests.
In these meetings, we explored coaching and practice coaching skills. Most importantly,
we supported members to grow together.

Experienced and student coaches joined our meetings to discuss various topics.
The student coaches shared their outreach experience, amazed at how they shared
(with success!) the key masteries (focusing on listening and clarifying concepts)
to high school students.

We also shared Sir John Whitmore’s Transpersonal Leadership and The
2 Dimensions of Growth overview that I got during the leadership conference
in India. The members acknowledged how powerful the exercise was and how they
considered coaching in deeper ways after this practice.

My exposure and experience the first year as president drives me to think about
the six essentials of being in this leadership position, which coincidentally
link with the 9 Masteries.

  1. Love to learn and love to excel: just like Mastery 2, we have potential
    to grow while we explore, grasp and surpass our expectations.
  2. Make deeper conversation to demonstrate connections with others and listen
    to what their true needs are. Linked with Masteries 1 and 3 to build trust
    and listen to others’ wants and needs.
  3. Understand our intent to nurture our members, to encourage them to grow
    and succeed. Especially when going through the path to Mastery certification.
    Link with our Mastery 7, Intention.
  4. Be present and attentive in every meeting we host. Link with our Mastery
    4: treasure every moment to be with IAC members and utilize co-coaching practice
    to build upon our coaching skills.
  5. Embrace a service mindset by joining voluntary projects like campus coaching
    events, student coaching clubs and coaching cafés in our community.
    Link with our Mastery 8: Identify different possibilities to boost IAC brand
    in local communities.
  6. Most importantly, we have a strong support system. Both our experienced
    and new members interact together to sponsor and support the meetings. Our
    vice-president, Alic Koon connects with the first IAC Preparatory Certification
    participants to talk about their experience on new coaching sessions. Linked
    with Mastery 9.

Since I have taken up the role as president, six new members have joined the
IAC in Hong Kong, and that is really encouraging. Some of them had joined our
meetings and are key coordinators in an upcoming event. The key objective of
the event is to promote coaching to a group of university students and young
adult professionals age 18-30, to share the values of the IAC, while also rising
up the brand name.

What a wonderful and fruitful journey it has been so far! I foresee more and
more HK members joining the IAC and expanding the path to coaching mastery together.

Leanne Chan


Chan, ACC (ICF) is President of IAC HK Chapter, career & campus
coach serving both on campus and in corporations leveraging her years’
of corporate HR and talent management experience plus strong desire
to help young people become who they’re, not being under others
life. www.coachlechange.com
~ Listen with CARE, Talent Communication ~

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