A Balancing Life

by Jinny Wang

I believe that every step in our lives, whether it is easy or filled with conflict, paves the way for our next step. I find this evident while learning both Tai-Chi and the IAC Masteries together, as they both encourage us to keep a balance between our inside and outside world. Like Tai-Chi represents the balance of our life between Yin and Yang, the Masteries help us to stay focused.

I have studied Tai-Chi for over ten years, and my focus on the IAC Masteries has not only strengthened my coaching, but it has been a powerful influence on my awareness in the studying of Tai-Chi.

Setting a goal is the first step of coaching. But before that, an important thing is how we treat our learning and how we execute what we’ve learned. This process has a deep influence and becomes especially important in interactions between coach and coachee.

In my personal leaning of Tai-Chi, my confidence comes from a strong desire to improve my health. And it works. My health is becoming better than before. (And my blood sugar and blood pressure improved as well.) I believe much of my success with Tai-Chi is due to encouragement and patience from my coach. Our trust has built up through his observing my potential and encouraging my advantages.

I know how to listen to my inner voice when I practice Tai-Chi, which improves my skill of Mastery #4 Present at the moment. In quiet moments, it is easy to link with the environments, to listen to nature, to feel its support. I can be aware of my body changing with the movements, my breaths linking with Tai-Chi music, and all around weather changes in the park. In that special moment, I know my body is a small universe within nature. Both of them mix together in harmony. It reminds me that the life is beautiful and joyful.

I find learning experiences within my inner dialogue. Questions such as “Where are all my senses at this moment?” and “What awareness does it bring to me?” can be applied to coaching sessions. I encourage my clients to become at ease with their senses. When the silence comes, I don’t worry – the skill of inner listening in the present is powerful. Even without talking, my client can be inspired by this opportunity for inner understanding. They feel supported by my patience and trust can build quickly.

In summary, I am convinced that the Masteries (especially #4 Processing in the present, #3 Engaged listening, and #1 Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust) are linked closely with Tai-Chi. The IAC Masteries can be used as an inner map, a daily lesson in fulfilling a balanced life.

Coach Jinny Wang, IAC Masteries Practitioner, has many years of HR and management experience. She’s promoted coaching in Taiwan since 2000 and supported many entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior managers who now have more confidence to face face their problems. She also help clients focus on building a trusting relationship platform with their key senior managers to communicate better.

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