A Member’s Voice

"The IAC has been very supportive
and helpful to me as I learn and grow as
a coach. Since coaching is a fairly young
industry, it's so nice to have an established
group like the IAC to establish a set of
standards to help focus my efforts to become
a better coach. There are so many people
out there calling themselves coaches, and
not everyone has the same idea of what being
a masterful coach means. I have witnessed
firsthand how the simple application of
the IAC Masteries can help people unlock
potential, break through barriers and get
empowered to change their lives. It's great
to know that I'm part of this growing trend
in society, and the IAC provides the most
effective and efficient way for me to learn
the craft and make a difference."


Art Gangel, IAC-CC

Vocational Coach, Mentor Coach and IAC Certified
Life Coach

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