A message from the Membership Chair

Barbara Lemaire
Membership Chair, International Association of Coaching

Membership has its privileges – and
its price. Good news for you: the privileges are great and the price
is tiny!

The International Association of Coaching
is evolving. In 2003, Thomas Leonard and a few dedicated professionals
embarked upon a radical mission. The IAC’s Board of Governors
upholds the commitment to further the interests of coaching clients
worldwide by offering rigorous and objective coach testing and certification,
while maintaining what we think are the highest and most specific
ethical guidelines in the industry.

On the tightest of budgets, we’ve
created the certification process and the Professional Ethics Review
Committee. We are also creating a global accreditation process.

Hundreds – perhaps thousands
– of volunteer hours have been devoted to this radical mission
by coaches who care about the future of the profession. We can always
use your help – write us at info@certifiedcoach.org. The original
investment of $25,000 which the late Thomas Leonard made in the
founding of the IAC has long been exhausted. The membership structure
has been reorganized by the IAC Board of Governors to create self-sufficiency
and solvency.

In the new structure, every member
of the IAC is a financial partner in the work. A nominal $10 membership
fee will be instituted in 2005, and we have begun accepting prepaid
memberships immediately.

Please choose one of the following
membership options:

1) Lifetime
IAC Charter Membership (only 500 available) – $1000

2) 3-Year IAC Membership
(only 1000 available) – $25

3) 1-year IAC Membership
– $10

NOTE: In order to use the PayPal
option you must first open your own PayPal account – once it is set
up please select Send Money and enter info@certifiedcoach.org as the
email address.

Or, make your check payable to IAC
and mail to:

PO Box 150731
Nashville, TN 37215

We will make online payments
available on the IAC website soon!

And for those who wish to offer an
additional level of support to the IAC’s work, special categories
of membership are available. We already have our first $10,000 member
for 2005! Please contact me personally at blemaire@myexcel.com
to find out if a Supporting level of membership makes sense for

All Supporting, Lifetime and 3-year
members who join before January 1, 2005 receive a free copy of Somebodies
and Nobodies
, a groundbreaking book by Robert W. Fuller.
A limited number of 1-year members will also receive a copy of the
book as supplies last.

Your membership is important!

To find out what privileges your IAC
membership entitles you to please visit:


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