A Thanksgiving Reflection

by Jean Gran,

This Thanksgiving I had much to be grateful for including my involvement with the IAC. As a retired CPA,
newly certified coach, and treasurer of the IAC since January 2006 it has been inspiring to serve an
organization filled with amazingly talented volunteers dedicated to advancing coaching worldwide. This is a
vibrant and exciting time in the life of the IAC.

Just like individuals, organizations need sustenance, creativity, vision, and energy to grow and mature.
Officially the IAC is organized as a 501 (c) (6) non-profit business league but without the nourishing
energy from its many members, volunteers, board members, committee chairs, and collaborators it would be
just a dry legal shell. On Thanksgiving I found myself especially grateful to the many dedicated people who
give of their time and talent to sustain this organization that has provided me the opportunity for a rich
community and meaningful professional growth.

While the IAC has grown and accomplished amazing things since its formation in February of 2003, it is now
clear that without a steady and reliable stream of income it won't be able to sustain itself for the
long haul and provide expanded services and benefits to its members around the world. Just like our coaching
businesses, the IAC needs a source of income to fuel its day to day activities, implement new initiatives,
and fulfill its vision. As a result, as announced in the November Voice, the IAC will begin charging annual
membership dues of $129 starting January 1, 2007.

How did we arrive at an annual membership fee of $129? The Finance Committee, Board of Governors, and
committee chairpersons spent several months working on a budget that takes into consideration the needs of
IAC members for tangible benefits, the needs of the organization for fuel to run on, and the need to keep the
fee affordable and consistent with similar organizations. As you can see creating a financially healthy
organization that can serve its membership both now and in the future is a balancing act. Like planning a
road trip you must look at your starting point, your destination, your vehicle requirements, and your purpose
in order to figure out how much gas you'll need. After all, you don't want to get half way there and
run out of gas money.

The implementation of dues is an opportunity for all of us as members, whether we have the time to volunteer
or not, to pool our resources in order to nourish and sustain the IAC. We serve the IAC and it serves us.
Check out the
October Voice
for a reminder of the expanding services provided to coaches by the
IAC. While volunteers will remain the heart, head, and soul of the IAC,
it needs a healthy and steady flow of energy in order to thrive,
mature, and grow.

As a prosperity coach working with individuals, I have noticed that people's relationship with money is
often a reflection of their relationship with themselves. Have you noticed how hard it can be to ask others
to pay us for the benefits we offer if we don't value ourselves? The same can be said for the IAC as an
organization. The time has come for the IAC to recognize the value it provides and to ask members for dues
in return. I hope you will join me in expressing gratitude for the present and future benefits offered by
the IAC and become a paying member in this outstanding international organization.

 Jean Gran, IAC-CC
Treasurer, International Association of Coaching
Prosperity Coach

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