Board of Governors


José Manuel "Pepe" del Río Zamacona,

BOG Term: 2012-2021
President Term: 2018 - 2019
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Pepe's Biography

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Pepe is a life and executive Coach. (His expertise includes communication, retirement, Outplacement, career & life coaching). Bicultural, he has a worldwide experience in different industries and organizations. In addition, He is a speaker in human development, personal transformation, family, communication, coaching and sales topics. He works on a daily basis in del Río training and back to business.

Pepe’s purpose is, Help human beings to build responsible and conscious awakening; encouraging their potential to achieve their goals, communicate better, and to live the life they want. Pepe’s style as a coach is friendly, empathetic and assertive. He rules his work under the masteries, and the code of ethics of the International Association of Coaching that handles the highest standards of practice of coaching in the world.

Pepe is the coauthor and facilitator of the certifications “High performance families”, “Quality a personal mission”, “productive communication”& ” Public Speaking transformation”. Together with his wife Aída was the former producer and host of the family radio show, “Vivir en familia” in Mexico.

Among other studies, he holds two Coaching certifications:

  • Coaching sistémico (Systemic coaching), from More global Consulting.
  • “Life Options”. Retirement Coach, from Careers Partners International.

Pepe’s interests include spending quality time with his wife and kids; Books and theater.

Past President

M. Krishna Kumar, BCC

BOG Term: 2012-2018
Past President Term: 2016-2017
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Krishna's Biography

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Krishna Kumar is a pioneer in the sphere of Leadership Coaching in India and the Founder Director of the Intrad School of Executive Coaching (ISEC), an organization specializing in leadership development through executive coaching. As a Leadership Coach, he specializes in the Inner Coach methodology that uses concepts and practices drawn from sports psychology and organizational behavior to enhance managerial performance in the corporate world. A Founding Fellow of the International Coaching Professionals Association (ICPA, an affiliate of Harvard Medical College, Krishna Kumar is often involved in coaching research and is also a partner at The Silk Road Partnership, which provides a range of coaching, mentoring, talent and leadership consulting services across Asia, the Gulf and Europe.

Krishna Kumar started his corporate career with Madura Coats, the Indian subsidiary of the FTSE 100 firm, Coats Viyella plc (UK) in the early 1980s. After successfully managing several sales and marketing assignments within India, he went on to become Commercial Director of Coats Middle East based in Dubai holding direct charge of 13 markets. Having tasted success at the corporate level, Krishna Kumar began his Entrepreneurial journey. As an entrepreneur he set up trading, marketing and management consultancy firms. His businesses included founding and later successfully exiting an Information Technology firm, Inet Software, specializing in the niche areas of CRM software for the Middle East Oil and Gas industry.

In a varied career spanning three decades, he has been a top management executive, an Executive coach, a visiting faculty at leading B-schools, independent Board member for several companies and a sports coach.

A USPTR certified tennis coaching professional, his passion for sports resulted in the creation of the Kinesis Tennis Academy, an ISO 9001-2008 certified academy rated amongst India’s premier professional tennis institutes. He is the recipient of the USPTR India Presidents award and was the USPTR India Pro of the Year in 2011.

Krishna Kumar holds a degree in Engineering from India’s premier educational institutions. He has a degree in mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, a MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and an advanced management certification from INSEAD, France.

He frequently publishes and has been profiled in leading business magazines.

Vice President

M. Shanmugam

BOG Term: 2016 - 2019
Vice President Term: 2017 - 2019
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Shan's Website

Shan's Biography

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Shan is an International Trainer, Facilitator and Coach. Over the past 20 years, he has trained, facilitated and coached participants across the Asian region on various aspects of Leadership, Team Development and Performance Coaching. His innovative, interactive and high impact approaches empower his participants to experience, reflect and act for self and organizational improvements.

Shan has held strategic and senior management position with a multi-national Training Resource Company and coupled with his previous key position as a military officer, has given him a unique perspective in harnessing a myriad of adult-centered action learning tools to develop leadership and team competencies. A much sought after speaker, he has addressed local and international seminars and conferences.

Shan holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from University of Canberra, Australia. His professional qualification includes:

  • Certified Solution Focused Coach – Canadian Council for Professional Certification (CSFC-CCPC)
  • Independent Certified John C.Maxwell Team (JMT) Coach, Teacher and Speaker
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Certified Executive Coach (UMCCed)
  • Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF – IAF)
  • Senior LPI Licensed Consultant and LPI Licensed EQ Coach
  • Pass Part 1: Certified Coach – International Association of Coaches (CC-IAC)
  • Certified EQ Trainer by Six Seconds, USA.
  • Certified Professional Marketer by Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (CPM-APMF)
  • Certified Trainer by the Malaysian Human Resource Development Council

Professional Associations

  • 2nd Vice President, International Association of Coaching
  • Founding President Malaysian Association of Facilitators
  • Member, International Association of Facilitators,
  • Founding President, International Association of Coaching, Kuala Lumpur Chapter
  • Member, Malaysian Institute of Management
  • Life Member, Institute of Marketing Malaysia



Péter Rusznák

BOG Term: 2012 - 2018
Treasurer Term: 2017 - 2018
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Péter's Biography

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Peter is a business and life coach. His method is proactive and integrative: He precedes bigger problems, by solving the problems at the right time. He uses different types of coaching methods to best serve the coaches.

During the coaching consultations, he helps his clients to identify their goals and difficulties that hinder them from achieving their objectives in the first place, then he provides support for them to find out what and how to do in order to make changes to perform breakthrough in reaching their goals. Finally, he ensures with his feedbacks that the coaches stay on the pre-designated path, carry out the previously set actions and achieve their aims

Peter received a Master’s degree in political science from Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

He is the Chapter president of the IAC Hungarian Chapter. As a Chapter president he organizes monthly meetings, where they review the main goals, mission and values of the IAC and discuss recent coaching issues. They have translated the IAC Coaching Masteries and the Code of Ethics to Hungarian.

He is the managing director of Pro Bona Coaching & Training Center (Proactive Coaching Group). They are in the service of companies as well as individuals via providing coach training, business coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, organization development, economic mediation and business mediation.


Martha Pasternack, MMC

BOG Term: 2016-2019
Secretary Term: 2016-2019
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Martha's Biography

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I have been a member of the IAC since 2009 and am now certified by the IAC® with MMCC status. Over my 35+ years of professional life as a nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner, and my 10+ years as a certified life coach, I am excited to champion the development of life coaching as an elegant and potent way to promote global peace, kindness, health and self-acceptance for all people.


I feel committed to supporting life coaches worldwide to do the work they’re called to do in the name of “Expanding The Path to Coaching Mastery”, the IAC® slogan.


It is with a sense of humility that I am able to serve as a member of the IAC® Board of Governors.



I was initially certified as a life coach by the Fearless Living Institute and am currently a Master Coach, Mentor Coach and Certified Trainer for the Fearless Living institute. I have been the director of the International Coaching Program, now known as the LCCP, for the Fearless Living Institute. I am currently serving as mentor for the LCCP.


I have been writing for the IAC VOICE™ since 2013. In addition I have been writing for the Huffington Post since 2012. I have created and participated in mastermind groups focused on business building and professional growth.


My husband and I live in southwest Colorado with winter jaunts to southeast Florida. I have 2 adult children, that I am very proud of, and my first grandchild who inspires me to continue this work for a peaceful world for him and for  children the world over.

BOG Member

Philip Beddows

BOG Term: 2014 - 2020
BOG Member Term: 2017 - 2020
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Philip's Biography

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Philip is a founding partner of the The Silk Road Partnership, which provides a range of coaching, mentoring, talent and leadership consulting services for senior individuals. It operates from London to Dubai & The Gulf, through India, SE Asia, Hong Kong and mainland China.

He has been working in the coaching and career development arena for over 23 years and was fortunate to have been trained by one of the pre-eminent Inner Game coaches. Whilst developing his coaching and mentoring practice, Philip has acquired considerable commercial insights from co-founding and owning, building, buying out and selling a number of businesses, including co-founding and leading the coaching practice of a renowned UK executive search firm.

Philip works with senior and emerging leaders, typically at critical transition points in their development and/or at key moments of commercial change in their organization. His sector experience is broad, but with a high level of expertise in financial and professional services, working in the heart of the City of London’s globally connected marketplace.

He has written in business, financial and HR media on topics ranging from leadership, succession, coaching & mentoring, careers, non-executive directorships & portfolio life, the economy and corporate purpose. He is interested in other cultures and has recently written a chapter on Coaching & Mentoring Across Cultures in a book published in association with the International Bar Association (IBA).

In addition to being a member of the Board of Governors of the International Association of Coaching (IAC), Philip is also a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association (a Harvard Medical School affiliate), a Non-executive Director of the Institute of Mentoring and a Member & certified Senior Practitioner of European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC). He trained at The School of Coaching (Europe’s first coach training organization) and has a Certificate of Professional Development in Executive Coaching from The University of Strathclyde. He is also an accredited user of Harrison Assessments.

He was educated at the University of Reading where he gained a BA(Hons) in History, studied French at Université Stendhal (Grenoble 3) and is a Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society. He has a richly varied set of life experiences and has held leadership positions in the military, political, educational and charitable spheres.

BOG Member

Jinny Wang

BOG Term: 20014 - 2020
BOG Member Term: 20017 - 2020
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Jinny's Biography

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Jinny has been a coach and an HR consultant for more than 15 years. She is the founder of two coaching associations in Taiwan, and earned her ICF PCC in 2010. Promoting coaching in Taiwan, she is very committed to helping people learn and use coaching in their lives and businesses.

Having been on the leading edge of coaching in Taiwan, Jinny has experience in a variety of fields, such as entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, parenting, mindfulness, etc. She serves as a mentor to other coaches, and as an IAC Masteries licensee, she has a keen interest in promoting the 9 Masteries in the Taiwan coaching communities.

Currently, she has an interest in writing books that deal with life balance using Tai-Chi for life transformation in the Golden Ages.

BOG Member

Dr. Luis Gaviria

BOG Term: 2016-2019
BOG Member Term: 2016-2019
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Luis's Website

Luis's Biography

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Luis Gaviria is a high impact inspirational speaker, author and professional coach. He has been featured on WLRN PBS Miami, Telemundo, Univisión, Televid, LifeDesignTV, American Latino TV. He presented “Universo Interior”, his own show (Inner Universe) in PBS, dedicated to the exploration of human nature. Currently he presents his “Neurociencias y Coaching” show (Neuroscience & Coaching) on LifeDesignTV, aired by satellite to more than twenty Hispanic countries.

He specializes in coaching and training leaders in personal and organizational transformation processes. His mission is to transform lives towards excellence and happiness, in sustainable and meaningful ways.

He is the Director and Provost at the Neuroscience & Coaching Institute, where leaders are trained in powerful coaching and mentoring approaches, to get their results to higher levels. He is also the chairman at Gaventerprise Group Corporation an American consulting firm, that designs and deploys human and organizational development processes, all this with the help of a great team of consultants. He has been a member of Executive Committees in the Gas and Oil industry, in Turkey and the Middle East.

His main areas of interest are:

  • Coaching as an essential tool for transformational and highly effective leaders.
  • Luis is a Master Coach Trainer at Neuroscience & Coaching Institute.
  • His potent training course, “Think, Act & Succeed” has helped thousands in achieving great levels of success, reaching enormous personal transformation, with a great impact their lives and business.
  • Neuroscience & Coaching: Neurocoaching – His version of Neurocoaching, Neuroscience Base Coaching is a powerful discipline that enhances personal motivation and clarity of purpose, offering tremendous possibilities for personal and professional development.
  • HSE (Health Safety Environment) & SBC (BBS: Behavior Based Safety) – Neuroscience and Coaching Leadership Training geared towards accident free, highly productive industries.
  • Cultural Transformation Process Consulting.
  • His “Train the Trainers” programs tap into the organizations own leadership and teaching resources, offering a highly cost-effective means for multiplying and deploying training processes.

BOG Member

Leanne Chan

BOG Term: 2016-2019
BOG Member Term: 2016-2019
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Leanne's Biography

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Professional Coach/HR Practitioner, Hong Kong

Leanne is a career & leadership coach serving both on campus and in corporations leveraging her corporate talent management experience plus her interest in young people’s aspirations.  Drawing on over 15 years of a value-added human resources professional in multinational corporations, provides HR consultancy to senior executives and leaders on talent management and leadership coaching in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. 

For the past few years Leanne has been developing her career, performance and leadership coaching skills focus on helping individuals and organizations to unleash their potential and achieve greater performance through a blended approach of individual and team coaching, training, facilitation and action learning to enhance personal, interpersonal and organizational effectiveness.

Leanne obtained her Associated Certified Coach from International Coaching Federation since 2012.   Passed Test 1 (Written Test) from International Association of Coaching in 2013 and got the Practitioner Certification in 2015. Leanne keeps on expanding her path to coaching mastery.
She has strong desire to help early career professional become who they’re, not being under others life. Enhance their conversation skill to improve the working life and family life.

BOG Member

Eduardo Vier

BOG Term: 2017-2020
BOG Member Term: 2017-2020
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Eduardo's Website

Eduardo's Biography

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Eduardo is a Business Coach specializing in helping business owners and managers bring clarity and focus to their everyday to increase productivity and revenues. Also a coach training instructor, international mentor and certifier in coaching skills and brings his talents to coaches and everyday professionals that want to communicate powerfully, clearly and build relationships with a real “coach approach”. He is flexible, direct and results-producing.

He has the unique ability to intuitively understand his client’s situations in life while remaining an objective observer. This gift, combined with superior listening skills, naturally creates a space in which clients become aware of their life potential. Through Eduardo’s coaching, clients are able to develop practical goals so they achieve and experience a sense of freedom and wholeness in their personal and professional performance. In the process, they become stronger and more aware of their potential, achieving the results that they always wanted in their life.

Eduardo is a
– MMC Master Masteries Coach with the International Association of Coaching, IAC
– MCC, Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, ICF
– ICF Assessor in the Credential & Program Accreditation
– CVCC, Graduate School of Coaching with CoachVille
– TLC, Thomas Leonard Coaching School, Certified with CoachVille
– NLP Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming

BOG Member

Fernando Celis

BOG Term: 2018-2021
BOG Member Term: 2018-2021
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Fernando's Website

Fernando's Biography

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Fernando Celis has been training, coaching and helping professionals, teams, sales forces and the general public reach outstanding goals in sales and leadership for over 20 years. He designed and created the Extreme Selling Curriculum and the International Life & Leaadership Coaching Certification after researching the key elements that make peak performers strive, the science of personal achievement and coaching. He has trained thousands of professionals in over 20 countries and his famous escapades to surf the legendary point breaks of Punta Rocas-Peru, Montanita-Ecuador, Rincon-Puerto Rico, Zunzal-El Salvador and Duppies-Barbados inspired Fernando to write the Personal development novel titled “The Executive Surfer”

Fernando is CEO and Master Life Coach Trainer of The International Life & Leadership Coaching Academy based in Miami Florida with Partners in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, Orlando, Houston, and Spain. As an Authorized IAC International Association of Coaching Licensee, Fernando has been responsible for Certifying over 2300 Life Coaches.

Fernando found Life Coaching to be an invaluable resource over the years in developing a life aligned by values beliefs and purpose. He has worked with companies such as Avaya, British Petroleum, HP, Compaq, Lafarge, Citibank and Corp Banca among others. He is now focused on his Life Coaching Certification program being delivered worldwide through is organization and ONLINE through

Programs: Life & Leadership Coaching Certification. CEO Executive Coaching, Extreme Selling Skills, Extreme Negotiating Skills, The Master Coach: Life Coaching Certification Train the Trainer (2014) He recently created along with Maria Alexandra Duque CKO of ILC Academy the G.R.E.A.T. ™ Coaching Model.

Credentials: Anthony Robbins Mastery University, Leadership Academy, Communispond Inc Sales Coach and trainer for the Socratic Curriculum, International Coach #7004 of ICC the International Coaching Community led by Joseph O’Connor Masteries Practitioner IAC.

BOG Member

Anjali Nair

BOG Term: 2018-2021
BOG Member Term: 2018-2021
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Anjali's Website

Anjali's Biography

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Anjali brings over 20+ years of experience in human resource management as HR business partner, learning facilitator and coach. She has worked across industries with organisations ranging from MNC to start-ups.

Anjali is a certified coach (CMC) and the founder of The HR Studio, a boutique HR consulting firm. She partners with organisations, to deliver projects that leverage her expertise in areas of performance management, leadership development, process interventions, psychometric assessment, performance and leadership coaching. She has extensive experience in designing and facilitating learning programs for organisations, and experiments with a compelling mix of learning methodologies to shape sustainable solutions. She believes in leveraging technology to build simple and scalable people processes that align with business strategy. She is passionate about creating platforms to coach women in leadership.

Anjali was heading the HR function at Acusis Software India Pvt. Ltd. ( where she successfully conceptualized, designed and implemented simple and scalable people processes and systems for their unique business model across multiple talent segments. Her belief in “what gets measured gets done” significantly optimized the processes.

She is also certified on DiSC  (DiSC Classic and Everything DiSC), GPP and Watson Glacier Critical Thinking (Pearson).

She also holds a Masters degree in Chemistry from IIT- Roorkee (India), MBA with specialisation in Human Resource Development (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, India) and a Masters degree in Labour Law and Labour Welfare.


IAC® Positions

IAC® Structure

Board Executives:

  • President: José Manuel “Pepe” del Río Zamacona
  • Past President: Krishna Kumar
  • Vice President: ShanMoorthi
  • Secretary: Martha Pasternack
  • Treasurer : Péter Rusznák


  • Treasurer:  Péter Rusznák
  • Finance Committee: 



  • Fernando Celis
  • Regional Coordinators:
    • Europe – Péter Rusznák
    • Latino America – Luis Gaviria
    • Asia- Leanne Chan
    • North America /Canada  – Martha Pasternack
  • Chapters coordinator – Gerardo Silbert 


  • Eduardo Vier & Anjali Nair 


  • Eduardo Vier 
    • Licensing Coordinator –  Eduardo Vier

Collaboration & Research

  • Krishna Kumar
    • Research – Luis Gaviria
    • Collaboration – Philip Beddows


  • Krishna Kumar
    • Philip Beddows


  • Adibah Saleh | Malaysia
  • Carla Carolina Cofiño Navarro | Venezuela , Chile
  • David Huang | Taiwan
  • Des Walsh | Australia
  • Holmen Siem | Panama
  • Jackie Harder | USA
  • Jose Aran | Mexico
  • Rolando Jurado | Argentina
  • Srihari Kurup | India
  • Surabhi Chadi  | India
  • Terry Lipovski | Canada
  • Tomas Lozada | Venezuela, Chile

IAC® Staff

Virtual Assistant

Diana McFarlane

Diana's Website

Diana's Biography

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Diana McFarlane, President and founder of DKM Online Office Solutions, currently holds the position of Virtual Assistant Administration to the IAC. She has 10 years experience in the virtual administrative support field working for a variety of clients both in administrative and website design. At the IAC, Diana is the Certification Processor, handles email correspondence, sends out the VOICE newsletter, maintains the website and has various other duties. Diana can be reached via her websiteDKM Online Office Solutions.


Becky Fyke

Becky's Website

Becky's Biography

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Becky Fyke, together with her partner, has been doing bookkeeping and accounting for about 25 years through their company, Checks & Balances, Inc. Checks & Balances has a diverse group of clients consisting of personal accounts, retail, service, non-profits and more. They design their services to meet the specific needs of each client. Becky began working with IAC in 2006 and has watched the organization grow considerably since that time. She finds it to be a pleasure to work with everyone associated with the IAC. She is responsible for getting everyone compensated in a timely manner and creating the monthly and annual financial reports for the IAC Board of Governors.

Recording Secretary

Wendy Rumrill

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Wendy's Biography

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Wendy Rumrill has worked with the IAC since March, 2010 in the capacity of Recording Secretary / Transcriptionist through Tya Bolton and Exceptional Business Solutions. She attends monthly BOG meetings for the purpose of taking minutes and also transcribes IAC Certification interviews. Her career has consisted of various administrative support roles. She has been a transcriptionist for 15 years and currently specializes in virtual assistant and transcription services with a particular focus in the coaching industry.

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