Board of Governors

Guilian Carlotti


IAC-Certified Coach™ (IAC-CC™)

Anjali Nair

Past President

IAC-Certified Coach™ (IAC-CC™)
Past President Term:
2024 -2025
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Martha Pasternack, MMC


IAC-Master Coach™ ( IAC-MC™)
BOG Term: 2016-2019 
Treasurer Term: 2019 onwards
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Catherine Miller

Secretary / BOG Member

IAC-Master Coach™ ( IAC-MC™)
BOG Term: 2022 – 2025

Carla Cofiño

BOG Member

IAC-Masteries Practitioner™
BOG Term: 2019 – 2022

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Brian French

BOG Member

IAC-Certified Coach™ (IAC-CC™)
BOG Term: 2022 – 2023


Gonzalo de la Canal

BOG Member

IAC-Masteries Practitioner™
BOG Term: 2020 – 2023


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David Huang

BOG Member

IAC-Masteries Practitioner™
BOG Term: 2019 – 2022 


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Betsy Martínez

BOG Member

IAC-Certified Coach™ (IAC-CC™)
BOG Term: 2021 – 2024

Yechezkel Madanes

BOG Member

IAC-Masteries Practitioner™
BOG Term: 2021 – 2024

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Jessica Lu

BOG Member

IAC-Certified Coach™ (IAC-CC™)
BOG Term: 2022 – 2025

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Ingrid Rosenberg

BOG Member

IAC-Certified Coach™ (IAC-CC™)
BOG Term: 2023 – 2026


Ritu Mathur

BOG Member

IAC-Masteries Practitioner™
BOG Term: 2023 – 2026

Zuño Kristal

Zuño Kristal

BOG Member

IAC-Master Coach™ ( IAC-MC™)
BOG Term: 2023 – 2026

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Diana McFarlane

Virtual Assistant

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Becky Fyke


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Wendy Rumrill

Recording Secretary

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Guillermo Moraez

Virtual Assistant

Juan "Charlie" Medina

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Oswaldo Parra

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Guilian G. Carlotti R, is mainly an entrepreneur and businessman. He married for 33 years with his wife Nancy. Father of three children. Since 2010 he has been engaged in coaching. Especially executive and team coaching, at the same time directing the companies he founded. As a coach, he has worked for professional soccer teams, highly competitive athletes, and transnational corporate executives. Specialist in Marketing and Sales. 40 years related to the media. Founder-Director of Vanguard Advertising, By-Pass Advertising, and D.P.I Digital Printing. Founder Coaching Carlotti Coaching and MVP Coaching Institute. Director of Coaching for Quince Sports. Executive director and executive secretary of the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, Edo. Carabobo (1,984 – 1,988) President of the Venezuelan chapter of the International Association of Coaching (2015 – .1818) Currently, he is a coach in the professional development program, coordinator of the membership committee, and member of the board of directors of the International Association of Coaching. During the last 15 years, he has led conferences and seminars in 12 countries, on Coaching, leadership and teamwork.

Anjali Nair brings over 23+ years of experience as an HR business partner, OD consultant, and leadership coach. She has worked across industries with organizations ranging from MNCs, public sector organizations, the education sector, non-profit organizations, and start-ups.

She partners with organizations to deliver projects that leverage her expertise in areas of leadership development, OD interventions, performance, and leadership coaching. She has extensive experience in designing and facilitating learning programs for organizations, and experiments with a compelling mix of learning methodologies to shape sustainable solutions. She believes in leveraging technology to build simple and scalable people processes.

She is passionate about creating platforms to coach women leaders and has led multiple programs as the Convenor – Leadership Pillar (CII-IWN Karnataka , 2022-23) for women in leadership and educational leaders.

Anjali was heading the HR function at Acusis Software India Pvt. Ltd. ( where she successfully conceptualized, designed, and implemented simple and scalable people processes and systems across multiple talent segments. Her belief in “what gets measured gets done” significantly optimized the processes.

MBA (PGDM- HR) from Symbiosis, Pune; MLL & LW, Pune University, India; MSc Chemistry, IIT- Roorkee, India.

Anjali is a certified Coach IAC-Certified Coach™ (IAC-CC™) and Certified Corporate Director from the Institute of Directors ( She is also a certified DiSC practitioner and facilitator, Certified in GPP, Watson Glacier Critical Thinking (Pearson), and Design Thinking Practitioner (KPMG), and Certified Practitioner GLA360 (Global Coach Group).

I have been a member of the IAC since 2009 and am now certified by the IAC® with MMCC status. Over my 35+ years of professional life as a nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner, and my 10+ years as a certified life coach, I am excited to champion the development of life coaching as an elegant and potent way to promote global peace, kindness, health and self-acceptance for all people.

I feel committed to supporting life coaches worldwide to do the work they’re called to do in the name of “Expanding The Path to Coaching Mastery”, the IAC® slogan.

It is with a sense of humility that I am able to serve as a member of the IAC® Board of Governors.

I was initially certified as a life coach by the Fearless Living Institute and am currently a Master Coach, Mentor Coach and Certified Trainer for the Fearless Living institute. I have been the director of the International Coaching Program, now known as the LCCP, for the Fearless Living Institute. I am currently serving as mentor for the LCCP.

I have been writing for the IAC VOICE™ since 2013. In addition I have been writing for the Huffington Post since 2012. I have created and participated in mastermind groups focused on business building and professional growth.

My husband and I live in southwest Colorado with winter jaunts to southeast Florida. I have 2 adult children, that I am very proud of, and my first grandchild who inspires me to continue this work for a peaceful world for him and for  children the world over.

Hello! Thank you for your interest in learning a bit about the members of your IAC Board of Governors. The following is some background on me, Catherine Miller.
Back in 1998 I read a newspaper article that opened my eyes and spoke to my heart…it described what I had been doing for the past 4 years but didn’t have a name for – Life Coaching! I found some coaching resources on-line but it was from 2003 and on, when I joined the International Association of Coaching (IAC) as a Founding Member that I obtained the guidance and means to certification I had been seeking.
The IAC’s values and mission aligned with my own and with that of the many wonderful people I met from around the world who were also seeking to develop their coaching skills to a level of excellence and effectiveness. In 2006 I earned my Master Masteries Coach certification and since then have continued to appreciate the IAC’s encouragement and support to continue to grow myself and my skills in my professional life. But it doesn’t stop there, for the inspiration from IAC role models and the skills and insights I glean for my professional growth transfer to and enrich my personal growth and satisfaction too.
Like all IAC members, true to the IAC’s philosophical roots, I draw on learned skills and experience from my past – corporate and small business in my case – to more fully understand, appreciate and implement the IAC’s 9 Masteries of Coaching. Studying and practicing the IAC Masteries continues to develop, refine and enrich my skills, awareness and interactions.
I am a member of the Canadian Chapter of IAC Coaches – an animated, talented, caring, supportive and mutually inspiring group.
As an IAC Examiner, a Member of the Board of Governors and a Researcher for the IAC, I feel honoured to give back to the IAC coaches, aspiring coaches and members, and to the coaching profession globally.
For 10 years my coaching focus was on helping employees in large and small companies transfer leadership skills into their work and personal lives in ways that enhanced their satisfaction, connection and effectiveness. For the past 15 years I have applied my coaching to helping people cultivate their emotional well being. I am the creator and facilitator of The Café of Well-Being – a series of interactive coaching conversations with individuals and small group participants that foster their ability to experience more vitality, clarity and equanimity more often and for longer periods of time. These conversations incorporate a blend of evidence-informed understandings, ancient wisdoms and dashes of humorous illustrations to shed light on systems in the brain and body that unnecessarily create and ramp up stress, and each person’s innate capacity to exercise their human agency to see with different eyes, act on opportunities and change perceived constraints into meaningful actions and interactions.
Additional Background:
 Certified Coach through the HeartMath Research Institute – building resilience and emotional regulation based on evidence-informed practices
 Trained in the professional application of Positive Neuroplasticity – the science of using our experiences in ways that promote lasting positive changes in the brain and thus lasting improvements in mood, interpersonal skills, self-worth, and resilience
 Certified Group Coach through School of Coaching Mastery
My husband and I, with our feline family member, live on a rural property close to friends and surrounded by nature where we enjoy a variety of outdoor recreational activities throughout the four seasons – from kayaking to cross country skiing. I am grateful for the people and these elements in my life – they all contribute significantly to my well being!

Carla Cofiño is a Personal and Team Coach, she defines herself as a confidence and awareness coach for change and that is how her clients and students identify her. She is CEO, together with her husband Tomas Lozada, of the BCF Group, learning platform whose mission is to train leaders and empower teams with Coaching tools. They have trained about 300 Coaches since 2014 with their Training Program in Life & Sport Coaching and providing training and support to teams, project leaders and entrepreneurs in Venezuela, Panama and Chile in face-to-face format and in different Spanish-speaking countries in an online format.

From the age of 21, she has trained people, initially, in academic and technical areas such as economics and financial risk, and later in the management of organizational change, the development of communication skills, speaking, impact presentations and the strengthening of relationships on their teams.

Certified Coach by the International Coaching Community led by Joseph O’Connor (ICC #8006). Founding Coach of the Venezuela Chapter and the Panama Chapter of the International Association of Coaching. IAC Member #169756 with the IAC Masteries Practitioner Designation. Coach in training of the Empowerment Coaching Program of del Río Training.

As a Personal and Team Coach, Carla has specialized in working with beliefs, which has earned her the recognition of clients and colleagues for her Power Class Program “The World of Beliefs”, where she delivers her methods and tools to transform behaviors and results on a personal and professional level.

Economist (UCV University degree) with a Master in Financial Management (ISEAD & Westfield Business School, Spain) and a Teaching Diploma (UCV & UNEFA, Venezuela). Financial Risk Specialist with extensive experience in banking, reaching important positions at a young age. Researcher and Instructional Designer with experience in the design of models and methodologies.

Lover of physical activity, with training in different disciplines: CofiDance™ Free Dance, TRX® Suspension Training, Pilates and Functional Training System (FTS)®. Mother of a beautiful son and two pets (a furry cat and loving Pitbull), passionate about human potential and eternal apprentice with an extended family in the world.

Carla’s Website:


Brian Lowell French is a leadership creator, teacher, and coach with 30+ years of experience. He is the Founder and President of Harmonic Learning, LLC, a talent development company providing leadership development, executive coaching, team-strengthening, and mindfulness-based programs.

Brian previously spent 16 years with a US-based Fortune 20 technology company, leading a team that provided the Global Leadership Development programs for 120,000+ global employees. Programs included leadership/management training, developmental assessments, mentoring, coaching, performance management, ethics/compliance education, and organizational design/development consulting.

He is a Certified Masteries Coach with the International Association of Coaching (IAC), and holds many certifications on industry-leading psychometric-assessments and leadership-content. He is also a certified Mindfulness Exercises teacher, and certified Qigong for Health teacher, providing sessions to enhance personal well-being.

He is the author of the book, Harmonic Leadership – Leading with Inclusive, Mindful Caring, and is a frequent speaker on the topic of leadership and talent development.

A lifelong musician and songwriter/singer, Brian writes and records music designed to enhance mindful contemplation, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and increase connection with the natural world.

Gonzalo de la Canal – I am a full-time loving father, explorer, and lifelong apprentice.

During my journey of self-knowing and development I have been Captain of sea going vessels sailing all around the globe, port Captain, international business consultant at government, companies, and entrepreneurs, university professor at UNSAL, UTN, UdeMM, maritime agent, developing oil trading business, independent business consultant and Coach.

Since 2004 started with coaching trainings and when I knew at 2016 that IAC Certification path were available in Spanish I become member, start my certification path and join as volunteer with the commitment to Expand the path to Coaching Mastery, IAC values, and promote compassion, kindness and self development through coaching conversations in a context of humility, mutual respect, validation and letting arise the best potential that each one of us already have. I’ve been Chapter Leader at Uruguay from 2018 to 2020.

Nowadays I’m associated at Zona-H Organizational and personal coaching with Ontological Coaching approach, associated at Peregrinus implementing AGILE training and practices along with coaching approach, in companies, and as last, becoming a Yoga teacher to integrate this discipline to my life and coaching practices.

My vision is to serve and be part of something bigger than an individual effort to raise awareness, compassion, kindness, peace, love, acceptance, and inclusion. I’m convinced as Thomas Leonard said, “all problems exist in the absence of a good conversation” and therefore here I am! not to solve problems but to promote and facilitate good conversations.

Graduated from School of Information Studies, Syracuse Univ. some forty years ago, David is a quite old fashion IT guy.

Has been in the educational sectors (teaching in the colleges and universities), semiconductor field (document control head for TSMC & ASE – leading Taiwan semiconductor corporates), and health care industries (IT director for a 400+ beds medium size hospital) … all these working experiences gave him a very diversified skill spectrum – still IT.

As a part-time translator for 20+ years, he devoted himself to help people communicating to break the language barrier, to understand across the cultures.

8 years ago (2012), due to an IT service opportunity, he got in touch with local coaches – including his mentor Mrs. Jinny Wang – started his coaching quest journey.

Has the reflection on talking too much to the machine; he decided to develop more on “soft (people) skill” than software skill …

An IAC member since 2014, he has serviced in the translation team, license committee, research committee, and currently a BOG member.

Betsy Martínez, a woman who loves creativity and being amazed by life with a curious spirit. In love mother, faithful life partner and a professional in the business world that she started the professional record of her doing a corporate career until the day of her labor and professional independence. Since 2011, she made the best decision of her life by creating her portfolio of services with her Coaching & Organizational Development company, BMM & ASOCIADOS. In 2015 she opened her second company, Human Resources Latin America; a proposal for Executive Education with disruptive methodologies and active learning. And in 2019 she created the Institute for Positive Organizations. Since her 3 ventures, she continues to develop, train and certify professionals and organizations throughout the Latin American region.
In the Coach career she has been a Master Coach- Expert Degree since 2013, certified by The International School of Coaching-Spain, with accreditations in: Corporate Coaching, Coaching for entrepreneurs, Executive Coaching, Personal Coaching. Since 2020 she is part of the Conscious Business Center Program (CBC-Fred Kofman) as a Conscious Business Coach.
In the career of Positive Psychology, he is a specialist in Happiness Sciences and Positive Organizations by reference institutions: Institute of Happiness Sciences, Tecmilenio University-México, DF, the Integral Wellness Institute (IBI, México-DF) and the Wholebeing Institute – Program of Dr. Tal Ben Shahar- USA.
She is the author of the Empresas Azules® Model, a project of organizations that develop positive cultures and the transformation towards Positive Organizations. She designs cultural transformation programs and coaching processes for organizational development. At the same time, she is the creator of the Conscious Leadership Hub Program for Triple Balance companies (B Companies).
She has other international accreditations such as: Appreciative Inquiry, Thinking Partner, Appreciative Coaching & Leadership and is a teacher at the Institute for Appreciative Inquiry and Dialogues (IDEiA).
Between her current partnerships and her volunteering, Betsy takes volunteer service as an extension of her life. She is the founder and current Vice-president of the Red Beta Association with a focus on Gender Equality and Female Leadership. She is the founder of the Costa Rica Chapter of the IAC and an active volunteer in the IAC Chapter of Mexico.
Regional Coordinator of Chapters for Ibero-America of the International Association of Coaching (IAC).
International speaker on different topics of Positive Psychology, Work and Personal Well-being, Transformations of Positive Cultures, Women’s Leadership, Speaking from the intelligence of the heart, Triple Balance Companies and Conscious Leadership.

Yechezkel Madanes

As life and executive coach, Yechezkel is a pioneer in the field of coaching with personality types and cofounder of the Madanes School of Enneagram Coaching, an official licensee of the International Association of Coaching (IAC). With his wife Ruth, he was part of the “father of the coaching industry” Anthony Robbins and Dr.Cloe Madanes coach training program team. He co-founded with world-renowned authority in organizational transformation Professor Ichak Adizes the Adizes Systemic Family Coaching Institute of California, co-authoring two books with him and creating multiple training programs. From 2019, Yechezkel is the Head of the Research Department at the International Association of Coaching. Best-selling co-author of seven highly acclaimed coaching books translated into eleven languages, he coaches clients across the globe in four languages. He is the founder of the Madanes Assessment Center and a leading researcher in the field of assessment-based coaching.

Jessica Lu joined the IAC Certification Committee in April 2022. With accounting, business operation, HR management consulting and leadership training/coaching experience, Jessica wishes to contribute to the development and sustainable success of IAC.

Ingrid Rosenberg Arbenz
IAC®-Masteries Practitioner™

Ingrid is passionate about people and their potential, about the growth of modern leadership in organizations and about businesses. She is an Executive and Team Coach, and expert in human talent management. She dedicates this knowledge to support clients through her company Talent Advisors, which she co-founded 9 years ago and today is recognized for its effectiveness in developing leadership skills and creating organizational cultures that promote results, allowing the well-being of all stakeholders.

Ingrid unites her passions, Coaching and Leadership, by volunteering her time in the International Association of Coaching. She first served as IAC® Costa Rica Chapter Leader, and now she has taken on the role of Coordinator of the Global Membership Committee and BOG Member.

Ingrid is certified in NLP, change management, emotional intelligence, agility among others. But the most important aspect for her is; being the mother of her son, Santiago.

Ritu Mathur
IAC Masteries Practitioner™
IAC® India Chapter Member
Member School Accreditation Committee

RITU MATHUR: Learning and Development professional with expertise in defining and driving learning strategies and interventions for organizations and individuals.

Ritu holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and an M.Phil degree in Human Resource Planning and Development from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. She has 24 years of experience having worked with a diverse portfolio of industries from IT, Pharma, BFSI and Logistics.

Her areas of expertise include working with clients across the talent life-cycle, including psychometrics, assessment centres, leadership and executive development, competency frameworks, talent analytics, training and coaching and conducting organizational development interventions.

Ritu has extensive experience of Assessment Centre design and delivery with impetus on:
• Competency based assessment tools and exercises for Assessment/Development Centers.
• 360 degree feedback and Diagnostic surveys
• Organization specific diagnostic tools to assess competencies and personality traits.

She has extensively worked in assessments with leading consulting organizations having designed and conducted several assessment/development centers.

Apart from this she is a qualified Assessor and User of a wide range of psychometric tools for use in assessment and development contexts. She is a qualified test user and trainer on a wide range of psychometric tools like MBTI, Hogans Assessment, DISC, FIRO- B, SOSIE Personality test, Golden profiling, Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test.

As an OD consultant, Ritu has been collaborating with senior business leaders in organizations to identify organizational strategic capability needs and establish comprehensive action plans to address gaps and enable successful execution of the business strategy. She has been involved in a wide variety of organization interventions from large system-wide change interventions through small projects including succession planning, executive and team development and planning.

She is also an NLP Practitioner and is committed to enhancing her knowledge and skills in Occupational Psychology.

Ritu has been associated with IAC® for the past ten years and has been part of the School Accreditation Committee since its inception.

Zuño Kristal

Zuño brings more than 20 years of Coaching Experience, working with executives and independent professionals. He lived in three continents, originally from Peru and later lived in New York and in Tel Aviv, and works as a coach in Spanish, English and Hebrew.

As one of the pioneers in Coaching research. Zuño holds an EdD Doctorate degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, USA.

His research focused on the Role of Reflection in the Coaching Process.

In addition, Zuño has a M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and an M.A. in Experimental and Research Psychology from Bar Ilan University, Israel.

In addition to his work with individuals, since 2006 Zuño has been an academic leader, building and facilitating coaching programs in the US and in Israel: as Director of Coaching Certification Program at Bar Ilan University, and as professor of the Group Coaching course at Teacher’s College.

Zuño studied coaching in CoachVille and at RCS (Results Coaching Systems), and was certified as a coach by IAC® in 2003.

Zuño coaches individuals and groups, private and corporate clients. He is passionate about helping the growth and development of the client’s needs: management, working with teams, personal development, career and more.

Before going into coaching, Zuño worked in various business and non-profit management roles. He was Sales Manager in the Telecom industry, General Manager of an international non for profit organization.

Early in his career, Zuño facilitated leadership developmental seminars in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

He is a proud father of three adult children, and of Tom, the dog.

Diana McFarlane, President and founder of DKM Online Office Solutions, currently holds the position of Virtual Assistant Administration to the IAC. She has 10 years experience in the virtual administrative support field working for a variety of clients both in administrative and website design. At the IAC, Diana is the Certification Processor, handles email correspondence, sends out the VOICE newsletter, maintains the website and has various other duties. Diana can be reached via her websiteDKM Online Office Solutions.

Becky Fyke, together with her partner, has been doing bookkeeping and accounting for about 25 years through their company, Checks & Balances, Inc. Checks & Balances has a diverse group of clients consisting of personal accounts, retail, service, non-profits and more. They design their services to meet the specific needs of each client. Becky began working with IAC in 2006 and has watched the organization grow considerably since that time. She finds it to be a pleasure to work with everyone associated with the IAC. She is responsible for getting everyone compensated in a timely manner and creating the monthly and annual financial reports for the IAC Board of Governors.

Wendy Rumrill has worked with the IAC since March, 2010 in the capacity of Recording Secretary / Transcriptionist through Tya Bolton and Exceptional Business Solutions. She attends monthly BOG meetings for the purpose of taking minutes and also transcribes IAC Certification interviews. Her career has consisted of various administrative support roles. She has been a transcriptionist for 15 years and currently specializes in virtual assistant and transcription services with a particular focus in the coaching industry.

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