Certifying Examiner Requirements

Certifying Examiner Requirements

Certifying Examiner Requirements

Members of the IAC® Certification Team are enthusiastic members of the worldwide coaching community, committed to supporting and encouraging coaches to become masterful coaches. They know the more certified masterful coaches there are, the better it is for clients, the coaches themselves, the coaching profession, and ultimately for the world as an interdependent community. As you would expect, Certifying Examiners are committed to their own professional evolution as coaches, participating in ongoing education and training and holding themselves to the highest standards of coaching, evaluation and ethics.

While the team commits many hours of hard work, it is also a team with strong internal community and collaboration, who also like to have fun with each other. It’s a lot of work, but there is an enormous amount of intrinsic reward.

We welcome applications to become an IAC® Certifying Examiner from all members, in all countries, who meet the eligibility requirements. We are especially seeking bi-lingual certifiers, particularly Spanish and Korean speaking coaches; and we have a strong desire to expand the international representation on the certification team.

Application to become a Certifying Examiner for the International Association of Coaching® (v.1)

Eligible applicants will meet the following criteria:

  • Current, active member of the International Association of Coaching®.
  • Received IAC® Master Masteries Certified Coach designation, with a minimum 90% or higher on at least one of the submitted sessions.
  • Recommended by one or more IAC® certifiers (current or past) or recommended by an IAC® Certified Coach
  • 2 coach/employer references (one needs to be a working coach, not a student coach)
    References should address: integrity, openness to learning, commitment, follow-through, why do they think you are especially qualified to set/uphold the standard for coaching excellence, professionalism, anything else you believe is relevant to the IAC® in making its decision.
  • Ability to articulate specifically what was effective/ineffective in a recorded coaching session.
  • Available for interview with one or more IAC® representatives via audio or video conference call.
  • Willing to participate in on-the-job training, shadowing certifiers, until properly trained. This training is as a volunteer.
  • Willing to contribute beyond the certifier role to support the IAC®. There are many activities involved in the job that are not paid, i.e. representative to Board or committees, writing for the VOICE, reviews, Certifier monthly meetings, training new certifiers, etc.
  • Attend certifier monthly meetings.
  • Understand and be willing to represent the IAC® and the highest quality of coaching, but without speaking on behalf of the IAC® unless requested to do so by the Lead Certifier.
  • Availability: Flexible schedule for reasonable turn-around of certifications and participation in monthly Certifier conference calls.
  • Submit application.

After the interview, if the IAC® representatives are in consensus about selecting the application, they will make a recommendation to the IAC® Board of Governors. Upon approval, the applicant will be invited to become a Certifier-In-Training.

A signed confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement is required before training can begin.

Training for Certifiers-in-Training

During the training period certifiers-in-training (CIT) will not receive compensation from the IAC®. Our goal is that the training process be valuable and help further grow the CIT’s coaching skills, as well as teaching them about the certification process. The following is the current training plan for CIT’s. This plan may be changed or modified at any time in order to meet the needs of the organization.

Phase 1: CIT’s will be asked to score 6 recorded coaching sessions (the equivalent of 3 applications). After scoring, the CIT will meet with one or more current certifiers to compare the results with the official results and discuss the process, discrepancies, etc. for the purposes of developing consistency and objectivity. The current certifier(s) will recommend that the CIT either be advanced to Phase 2 or review additional recordings for Phase 1.

Phase 2: In Phase 2, the CIT will “shadow” certification sessions with current certifiers. The number of shadow sessions is not pre-determined, but will depend upon the demonstrated skill level of the CIT. The certifiers will notify the Lead Certifier when the CIT is ready to become a qualified certifier.

Interested in joining the Certification Team and making a significant contribution to furthering the impact of masterful coaching worldwide? Just complete the application on the next page.

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