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All IAC® Events

At the turn of the previous century the advent of automation driving efficiency and speed propelled the Industrial Revolution. It was a revolution that ruthlessly saw machines overpowering muscle.

Decades later the human mind, aided by quantum leaps in computing power, retook mastery over machines. The Knowledge Revolution had begun. Unlike the earlier revolutions it, though, is one that is not destined to last long given that advances in cloud computing, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are driving the new future. It is a future that threatens our present way of thinking and requires us to make a paradigm shift in the way that we must harness and use these new technologies.

Can coaches remain complacent that the cyber-physical world will have little or no impact on our way of coaching? If we were to embrace these new technologies could we use them to improve our mastery of coaching? How might philosophies and concepts like self-awareness, fulfillment, love and compassion that remain integral to coaching fit in this new world?

Conference language: English
Conference Schedule:
December 3 1500 – 1800 Conference Registration
  1900 – 2100 IAC Members Only Dinner
December 4 0800 – 0900 Conference Registration
  0900 – 1630 Conference Program
  1900 – 2130 Gala Dinner
December 5 0900 – 1600 Conference Program

IAC Members Conference Fee:

Conference Fee IAC Member USD 150
IAC Members Only Dinner (Dec 3) USD 40

Non-Members Conference Fee:

Conference Fee NON-IAC Member USD 175

Early Bird* (until Oct 31)

USD 165
Group booking (3 or more) USD 155

* Early Bird discount is automatically applied

Sri Lankan Participants:
Sri Lankan Participants  
IAC Members Rs 22,000.00
IAC Members Only Dinner Rs  5,500.00
Non-IAC Members Rs 24,000.00
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