Our Vision is to advance the profession of coaching to the highest standards of universal excellence.


The IAC is on a global MISSION to provide a highly accountable professional development model for aspiring and experienced coaches, as well as professionals in other fields, so their mastery of coaching is valued and contributes to evolving human potential worldwide.

The IAC® contends knowing that masterful coaching has the ability to change the world in positive, powerful and remarkable ways. The work we do, whether on a business or personal level, with individual clients or teams, globally or locally, and virtually or in person, empowers all of us with new perspectives, personal insights, expanded possibilities and the courage to take on new challenges. Coaching is a catalyst for positive, significant and tangible change on many levels.

As more and more people master coaching skills – whether to become a coach or to implement the coaching skills at work and in their personal relationships – people from all backgrounds and cultures have the ability to reach their goals, make the impact they want, and leave a legacy they can be proud of.

That’s why the IAC® is on a mission to Expand the Path to The Coaching Masteries®.

Distinguishing Characteristics of the IAC Certification™ Standards

Coaches who hold the IAC-Master Coach™ (IAC-MC™) designation and the IAC-Certified Coach™ (IAC-CC™) designation are coaching at the most advanced level the coaching profession has to offer. To make good on that claim, the IAC certifies coaches based upon:

These agreements are reviewed regularly to make sure that all IAC-Master Coach™ and the IAC-Certified Coach™ are continuing to embody and to evolve as the highest expression of professional coaching.

The IAC Masteries Practitioner™, IAC-Certified Coach™ (IAC-CC™) and IAC Master Coach™ ( IAC-MC™) are all certification programs and services of the International Association of Coaching to promote the professional and personal development of coaches in the field of personal, life, and professional growth.

In addition to the IAC-Master Coach™ and the IAC-Certified Coach™ designations, and to support those seeking that designation, the IAC® also offers an IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ designation for those coaches who have passed the online exam and have submitted an approved personalized Masteries Professional Development Plan. Like the IAC-Master Coach™ and IAC-Certified Coach™ designations, the IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ designation is contingent upon the annual filing and review of the Masteries Professional Development Plan.

IAC® Values

IAC® core values represent how we endeavour to operate as an organization, internally as a member-based association, within our certification process, and in
our work with those whom we serve.

We believe in our innate human potential for discovery, growth and transformation by expanding awareness and understanding, and applying learning.

We strive to create supportive partnerships by focusing on caring about others, leading with empathy, and recognizing the value of every person.

We approach all situations courageously with truth and honesty, seeking fairness in all matters and maintaining the highest of ethical standards.

We inspire trust through openness and transparency, fostering an environment where every person approaches all others with positive intent.

We embrace diversity and mindfully develop equitable approaches where all people have access to opportunities and feel universally respected.

We value what is present, while proactively engaging in positive change, co-creating opportunities to invite and enhance possibilities for each person.

We focus on accountability, credibility and sustainability, cultivating well-being and maintaining a centered approach to address the needs of all we serve.

The IAC® was built on 17 VALUES that continue to guide and inspire our personal and professional contributions as Members, Coaches, and as an organization. Our Values are cornerstones in our Mission, our Vision, and our IAC Masteries. They make the IAC unique amongst coach certification bodies around the world.

To help our IAC® VALUES better resonate with you today and following generations of coaches, in 2022 the IAC condensed the 17 IAC® Values into 7 IAC® Core Values with descriptions that incorporate all 17 of the original. Our IAC® VALUES are now more universally understandable, simpler to translate across languages, and easier to remember. They capture the essence of our past while inspiring our present and future actions.

Our aim is to
We do this through
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