Adopting The Masteries for Coach Certification

by Dave Blanchard

though the IAC Masteries have only recently been finalized and
released, there is already one coach-training group that has decided to
adopt and integrate the nine IAC Masteries into its core training. 6 Advisors
assessment and related coaching helps organizations and individuals
identify and accelerate breakthroughs on thought patterns and behaviors
that maintain professional and personal barriers to progress. The 6
Advisors leadership team believes that weaving the IAC Masteries into
training on insights from their proprietary assessment will result in
more highly-evolved follow-up coaching and a more time and
cost-effective way for clients to achieve breakthroughs and results.

of the coaches that seek us are experienced speakers and trainers, and
have both corporate and social service backgrounds", says Harvey
Schoof, Vice-President and Training Director. "We originally looked at
the Proficiencies on which the current IAC certification is based, but
upon closer inspection, found that the IAC Masteries map nicely to our
philosophy and mission, and we believe will lead our coaches to gain a
clearer, faster and deeper understanding of excellence in coaching. The
IAC Masteries will be fully integrated into our next class starting in
late January 2007.

coaches seeking to become expert in highly-evolved coaching that leads
to significant and lasting breakthroughs for clients, the IAC's
tremendous work in this area is a great path, both for serving our
growing client base, and for the coach serving those clients", says
Dave Blanchard CEO of the Og Mandino group, parent company to 6
Advisors. "We believe in the mission and high bar the IAC has set and
to which it had demonstrated commitment to experienced professionals
coming from various disciplines. We expect the demand for our
assessment and related coaching will shortly outstrip our supply of
trained coaches, and we are taking this opportunity to offer dually
certified coaches the lead position in our corporate engagements.
Together with our own tool certification, the IAC Masteries will help
our coaches accelerate their coaching abilities, and enable clients to
achieve broader and deeper understanding of themselves. In fact, we
refund the IAC fee back to anyone who shows up at our door with a
verifiable IAC coach certification on top of our own tool
certification, regardless of the order in which they were taken."

sincerely hope that many more coaches, coaching organizations and
especially coaching clients will benefit from the clarity and depth of
understanding that the IAC Masteries provide.


Blanchard is the Chairman and CEO of The Og Group, Inc. and family of
companies, The Greatest Salesman, Inc. and 6 Advisors, Inc. He is the
co-developer of the 6 Advisors Assessment Report™ and coaching


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