An IAC Milestone

by Angela
Spaxman, from the IAC Board of Governors

Two developments in our organization are coming together to lead us to a new

1) We are growing and thriving and our work as an organization is expanding.
One of the signs of this expansion is the increasing responsibility and complexity
of the Lead Certifier position.

2) Nina East IAC-CC, our Lead Certifier for the past three years, has decided
to step down. After serving the IAC with tremendous wisdom and dedication through
several seasons of our development, she is moving more of her focus back to
her own business. In particular she plans to spend more time on her Personal Growth
Princess membership site
, which expresses her passion for self-improvement
in a particularly feminine way!

We are sorry to miss Nina's expertise and energy but very pleased that she
will remain on the Certification Team. We are most fortunate to have a strong
Certification Team and good potential candidates to replace Nina.

We are also taking the change as an opportunity to offer a stipend in partial
compensation for the work of the Lead Certifier. We have actually been planning
that for a while but have been waiting to ensure we have the budget to support

This position holds responsibility for the quality of the IAC Certification
process and it requires a lot of special expertise. Therefore it is an important
investment for us to ensure the Lead Certifier has the time and focus required
to sustain and develop our certification system into the future. To date, we
have been blessed by Nina's contributions and those of the Lead Certifiers before her.
Indeed we are grateful to the contributions of many volunteers, who dedicate
hundreds of hours at their own expense to the advancement of the IAC.

Please celebrate this milestone with us! We are thrilled to have progressed
to the point where we can begin to pay for one of the critical professional
roles that sustain us.

And if you are an experienced IAC Certifier, past or present, we welcome your
enquiries about the position of Lead Certifier for the IAC.

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