An Interview with Karen Van Cleve, IAC Certifier

Transcribed by
Susan Korb and Kathleen Richardson

As of January 1, 2008 the IAC will shift
to evaluating certification submissions
using only the 9 IAC Coaching Masteries™.
With this change approaching, two interviews
were recorded and posted to the IAC website.
These interviews discuss and answer questions
about the new certification process.

The first has been transcribed for the
November issue, and the second recording
will be transcribed for another issue. This
month’s interview features Natalie
Tucker-Miller, IAC President, interviewing
Mastery Certifier Karen Van Cleve. It provides
insights and knowledge of the inspiration
and creation process for IAC Certification
through use of the Masteries. Because of
a recording failure, this interview ends
rather abruptly.

Listen to the interview here
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Some excerpts:

“…the idea of masteries was
not to change the definition of coaching,
but to change the way we described masterful
coaching. So, masterful coaching is masterful
coaching whether it is under the proficiencies
or the masteries.”

“…with the masteries, because
we have measures, effective behaviors and
ineffective behaviors, we have clearer language
about what’s present or what’s
missing versus the proficiencies.”

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