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by Natalie
Tucker Miller, IAC-CC

"Just because everything is different doesn't mean that everything has changed."

quote from the often humorous, always pertinent Irene Peter, is fitting
for the news we bring our members and subscribers this month.

Taylor, who has served the IAC for many years, wearing many different
hats, has made the decision to move on from the certification board to
the next exciting phase of her personal and professional life. Sali was
one of the first coaches to pass all components of the IAC certified
coach exam, then to be invited to join the certification board. I had
the honor and pleasure to know and work with Sali in those days, and
owe much of my own coaching prowess to her generous gifts of time and
sharing of her knowledge and expertise. Her study group which invited
participants who had passed part one of the IAC online exam to learn
the skills necessary to pass part two, served several coaches who now
count themselves among the IAC-CC's.

dedication to the IAC has helped with the continuity and stability of
the organization which, early on, found itself faced with some
paramount challenges. The hours she has contributed in order to fulfill
the IAC's mission and advance the coaching profession would be
impossible to document. In addition to lending a hand wherever needed
in those early days, she was the catalytic energy that advanced the
creation of The Coaching Masteries™. Those of you fortunate enough to
know Sali personally, understand the incredible integrity and
refreshing honesty she brings to all areas of her work and her life.
She leaves a legacy of masterful coaching standards from which many
will benefit for years to come.

is a huge proponent of study groups, virtual coaching buddies and
triads (where three coaches take turn being the coach, client and
observer), and in her honor I'd like to invite those coaches interested
in independently learning via these means to begin a COG (Community Outreach Group). Contact
Tara Rodden Robinson for the details on how you can create and grow a virtual community to advance coaching skills.

Just because things are different at the IAC, doesn't mean that everything has changed.


Keep your eyes opened for information about the IAC's first
annual Virtual Symposium, the week February 10th, 2008. Put
it on your calendar!

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