Answers from the President


by Natalie
Tucker Miller

VP Diane
Krause-Stetson, Editor Angela Spaxman, and I had the
wonderful opportunity of attending
A Conversation Among Masters (CAM) conference
in Monterey California the first week in May. Listening to
masters of their field discuss mastery and enlightenment as
currently shaping our lives illuminated coaching as the
Zeitgeist. Take a moment to visit the CAM website. You'll
get a sense of how powerful this gathering was for the

The majority
of our time was devoted to discussing the mission and
initiatives of the IAC. Business owners expressed a desire
to include IAC certified coaches in their organizations
and/or find ways to strategically align with the IAC for the
benefit of their constituents. Additionally, many people had
the opportunity to view the
IAC Masteries
and were visibly impressed learning about the creation of
these standards. Upon reviewing the Masteries, the interest
in the IAC grew before our eyes. This is a thrilling time
for coaching and for the IAC's universally high coaching

The final day
of the conference included the launch of the
Coach Initiative.
This non-profit organization's mission is "to be the
central gathering point where professional Coaches can
volunteer their experience and expertise in support of
global projects that focus on the betterment of the human
condition and uplifting the human spirit." Coaches are agents
of positive change by the very nature of what coaching
represents: expanded thinking, profound personal
transformation, removal of ego-driven patterns,
and disencumbered communication. The Coach Initiative stands for
"the fundamental belief that every professional Coach holds
the intention to positively change the world one person at a
time, and that by doing so in unison with their colleagues,
they can effectuate that change at an exponential rate." Isn't
it wonderful to be part of a profession which claims this

On the home front, it is a pleasure
and honor to introduce our newest members serving on the
Board of Governors: Bonnie Chan and Des Walsh.
Bonnie is a multi-lingual IAC Certified Coach from Hong Kong. Des is a
blogging expert and coach from Australia's Gold Coast. Please take a
look at their bios on our Board of Governors
. We look forward to the contributions to the IAC and
to coaching that these two coaches will provide.

And a special
thanks to all of you, our dear and faithful members and
subscribers. As always, if you are interested in getting
involved at a deeper level, please fill out a
volunteer application
with your area of interest highlighted. As a membership
organization, our strength comes from the devotion and
dedication of members who wish to contribute their time and


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