Answers from the President


by Natalie
Tucker Miller, IAC-CC

is proving to be a very exciting month for the IAC with Kerri Laryea
and Tara Rodden Robinson launching live and virtual communities and
Angela Spaxman expanding her editorial team to include Susan Korb and
Kathleen Richardson. Andrea J. Lee, Diane Krause-Stetson and I are
preparing for the IAC’s first annual telesummit scheduled for National
Coaching Week in February 2008.


has been creating the process and policy for expanding the department
to include international certifications. We’re fortunate to have such
devoted and professional certifiers. Sali Taylor, Barbra Sundquist,
Karen VanCleve and Nina East consistently go above and beyond the call
of duty in the interest of serving coaching globally. The devotion they
share for the coaching profession and their commitment to masterful
coaching, the IAC, its subscribers and its members is extraordinary.
The board continually marvels at their sincerity and integrity.

These are
just some of the important people and projects that make up
the IAC. Your IAC.

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