Answers from the President


by Natalie Tucker Miller

2007 salutations to our fabulous members!

like to begin this year, in this issue, by honoring the work of the few
people who are transitioning out of their roles at the IAC, and
introduce some of the new players.

Barbara Mark (
accepted the nomination for the presidency at a time when the IAC was
most vulnerable. Thomas Leonard's death left a void that the initial
team worked to fill, and did so with dedication and finesse. When the
time came for that team to make some difficult decisions, Barbara threw
her hat into the ring and gracefully moved the IAC into its next phase.
Her commitment to global identification and progressive standards in
coaching certification set the course for her time at the helm. With
the launching of the Masteries and the ongoing work the certifying
board is conducting with our international constituents, she has left a
legacy of coaching innovation that will serve us well into the future.
Hats off to Barbara Mark for all she contributed on behalf of the IAC

Barbra Sundquist (
stepped in as editor of our publication when the VOICE was in dire need
of a voice! She took on a project in which the enormity of the task was
not evident until the time came to replace her. Never missing a
deadline, gently but firmly keeping the rest of the crew on target, she
has left us a well-oiled machine that has earned several accolades from
our membership. (Thanks, by the way, to those who offered kind words
and praise over the past several months.) We're pleased that she will
continue at the IAC in her other capacity as certifying examiner.

Michelle Casto (
reared the membership services through a couple of administrations, and
never lost sight of the big picture: listening to our members. She
contributed countless hours to surveying, answering questions and
bringing to the IAC the idea of Community Outreach Groups (COGs) which
will be launching soon. These groups will allow our members to
collaborate with one another on all things coaching and certification
related. We wish Michelle great success as she works toward her PhD.

as it can be difficult to say goodbye to trusted friends, we as coaches
of course also see the opportunity that arises with transition.

Angela Spaxman (,
who has served on the IAC Board for 1½ years, has been the
communications coordinator and also served on the team that created the
Masteries, has further offered her services as the new editor of the
VOICE. She is taking over at a time when great change and exciting
enhancements are the focus of the IAC. I'm excited that she is taking a
more visible role, as now the members will benefit from her wonderful
insight and wisdom more directly.

Tara Robinson (
joins us as the test pilot for the COGs. Tara comes to the IAC with
much experience in group communications, and we are thrilled that she
will soon be announcing the specifics of these innovative and robust

Karen Doll (
has been extremely busy processing volunteer applications and making
appropriate placements for members interested in serving the IAC in
this capacity. It's been my pleasure to work directly with Karen as we
get ready for the projects that will be in need of dedicated members,
in order to continue to grow and enhance for the benefit of the
coaching community and the coaching profession.

stayed tuned. There is so much going on at the IAC these days, I don't
want you to blink and miss anything! We'll be simultaneously launching
all the upcoming enhancements when we begin our new annual paid
membership, due to begin in the next few weeks. We look forward to
offering you a professional organization that meets your certification
needs as well as serving the coaching community in myriad ways.

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