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IAC Board of Governors, past and present, and several others who have
volunteered in various capacities, have spent countless hours working
to achieve what the IAC has set out to do: advance coaching to the
highest standards of universal excellence.

hear from our members regularly, it's become increasingly evident that
the IAC is an organization that coaches want and need! How gratifying
for the people who have worked on behalf of our members over the years.
Additionally, membership committee chair, Michelle Casto, conducted a
survey last fall which has guided us tremendously. The work of our
strategic planning committee has been invaluable in our crafting these
upcoming changes, as well.

As of January 2007 the changes will include:

  • Annual membership dues of $129.00
  • A broader focus on coaching, reflected in our name change to The International Association of Coaching (see Diane Krause-Stetson's article below)
  • An enhanced listing in our members history search, allowing potential clients to "find" you!
  • Admittance in our new Community Outreach Groups, or COGs (see Michelle Casto's article below)
  • Access
    to a "members only" feature in the Voice, including an expanded
    "Certifier's Corner", where the certifiers will offer valuable insight
    and advice for the certification process.
  • Transition to our new, up-to-date coaching measures, the IAC Coaching Masteries
  • Expanded member benefits, including the COGs and others which we'll feature in the next several issues of the Voice.
  • Marketing campaigns that will focus on the benefits of hiring IAC certified coaches.
  • And several other "in the works" enhancements.

a membership organization, the people who offer their time and
expertise to serve the members welcome your continued support through
your comments and suggestions. Your commitment to coaching and the IAC
as your professional coaching organization is duly noted, honored and

Due to the anticipation of a high mail volume as we transition, please send your comments related to the growth of the IAC to:

because of the volume of mail we receive, we may not be able to answer
individually. We will, however, do our best to answer questions in
upcoming issues of the Voice and/or the FAQS page on our website.

Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC

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