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As part of her
ongoing series introducing the people that make the IAC the
vital organization that it is, this month President Natalie
Tucker Miller, IAC-CC asked Heidi Holihan Maye why she
serves on the IAC Board. Heidi writes:

am honored to be serving on the IAC board and as the Strategic Planning
Chair. My background is in high-stakes IT Customer Services at
DEC-Compaq-HP, and I have worked in virtual organizations since 1980.
My responsibilities included global rollouts of new software and
business processes to large groups of people in geographically
dispersed locations, but who were jointly responsible and depended on
each other to deliver seamless and exceptional customer service. It has
been refreshing to learn that the IAC is culturally and operationally
sensitive in a variety of ways to the needs of its global constituency.

am keenly interested in the patterns and dynamics that impact
productivity in leaders and teams operating under sustained pressure.
My business today helps shortcut the path to optimization of talent and
processes. We help leaders and managers quickly gain clarity and
embrace values-based decision-making, processes and related development

a strategic perspective, it’s an exciting time at the IAC. Our team of
industry thought leaders has been developing and polishing the IAC’s
new intellectual property that eventually will be used for IAC
certification instead of the 15 Proficiencies. These new standards
further define the measurable behaviors that are evident in masterful
coaching. Also on the drawing board, and in various stages of
implementation, are a number of other positive initiatives aimed at
positioning the IAC as a coaching thought leader and a preferred
organization from which to draw coaches, consultants, trainers, and
other professionals who have attained the IAC’s very rigorous
certification. The revamped website and the Voice reflect the IAC’s
commitment to deliver great value to our members and constituents.

professionals with many years of experience are joining the IAC with a
view to achieving certification and using the “coach approach” in their
work. In addition to consultants, trainers and business managers, those
from the world of sports and academia are increasingly interested in
the IAC’s unique model of certification to complement their own areas
of expertise. We are fortunate to have so much dedicated talent in our
membership to apply to the organizational and personal development
objectives of both companies and individuals seeking coaching.

forming the IAC, Thomas Leonard had a mission of establishing a
coaching certification that was both independent and proficiency-based.
We are very grateful to those who have had a hand in carrying on that
mission over the past years, and aim to preserve, enhance and expand
that mission.

recently, Michael E. Gerber observed that coaching is an industry that
created capacity ahead of demand. Part of the IAC challenge is to
effectively stimulate the demand for coaching and enhance the public’s
perception of coaching. We are pleased to be implementing IAC
initiatives which aim to move coaching forward as an individual and
organizational imperative that will significantly increase productivity
and prosperity for all coaching stakeholders.

Heidi Holihan Maye
Board Member
Strategy Chair of the IAC
Founder, Assessment Technology Partners LCC

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