Answers from the President


by Natalie
Tucker Miller

In addition to any and all February holidays
across the globe we’re also celebrating
some upcoming changes on the IAC Board of

We will be voting in a new President within
the next couple of months as well as a Vice
President and Secretary. Jean Gran remains
as Treasurer, and although I am passing
the presidential torch, I will remain on
the executive team as Immediate Past President
until year’s end. Diane Krause-Stetson
and Parker Anderson will continue as Board
Members, much to our delight!

The IAC has grown and changed over the
past two years, creating a solid foundation
that will allow the successors to propel
the organization through the next natural
progression. It’s truly a celebratory
time for the IAC. The strength that comes
from the Board of Governors, the Certifying
Board, the volunteer teams, the IAC local
chapters and the membership is what allows
us to continue our mission: to advance coaching
to the highest standards of universal excellence.
Go, us (that includes YOU)!

Let’s take a moment to let Diane
and Parker know how much they are appreciated
for the time and expertise they have contributed
to our member organization. Diane’s
leadership and ability to take all the components
of a situation, consider each consequence
and make recommendations has been an invaluable
asset to the executive team. Parker’s
dedication to not just the coaching profession,
but the coaches who are directly affected
by the changes and growth in the coaching
industry, is a heart skill that guides her
every step. Thank you for your service!


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