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Last month you talked about
the people who support the IAC’s vision. Will we get to meet
those people?

Yes! Over the next several issues of the VOICE I’ll be
introducing our Board of Governors and other committee
members who work diligently behind the scenes. The IAC owes
its existence to the several people who, over the years,
serve, or have served, as our ambassadors.

The IAC has a dedicated and visionary team. You’ll gain
insight into the Strategic Planning Committee, which helps
determines the IAC’s long term direction. The focus of our
strategic plan is on the entire organization, how all the
components work together in order to support the overall

Our Communications Team is responsible for aligning our
communication with our mission, taking care to keep our
message cohesive and concise.

Membership representatives work to keep abreast of what is
important for our members. The Volunteer Committee is part
of the membership team, which supports the goal of serving
members by our members.

Since the launch of our new site last month, we have
received a phenomenal number of volunteer interest forms.
This is exciting for the organization, as it allows us to
expand our reach and stay on the leading edge of what will
best serve coaching. And because of the abundance of request
forms, we have temporarily disabled our “get involved” page
in order to focus our attention on assigning those who’ve
responded so far! In a future issue of the VOICE we will
announce its return.

Our organization’s strength comes from its contributing
members. Thanks to all who have reached out by sending a
note of encouragement, or have taken an interest in getting
involved on a deeper level, or have spread the word of the IAC to others.

And as always, don’t hesitate to
contact us and
initiate a conversation.

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