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What does the IAC offer me?
As an independent coach certifying body, the IAC offers a rigorous
certification process based on demonstrated coaching skill.  Achieving
your IAC certification validates your coaching skills and professional
ethics in the eyes of your peers and clients. In addition to certifying
coaches, the IAC provides a range of member benefits including liability insurance for coaches and discounts on coaching tools and assessments.

What does IAC Certification mean?
Certification means that a coach is masterfully applying the concepts
that we believe to be the highest standard of coaching the profession
has to offer. It means that the coach has been through a rigorous
testing process and has earned the designation IAC-CC.

How do I get certified by the IAC?
certification's unique position is that it is strictly
performance-based, which means that it is entirely based on how well
you coach.  There are two main steps: 1) an online multiple choice
exam; and 2) submission of recordings of coaching sessions.  The
certification process is explained in detail here.

I've heard that the IAC is developing new criteria for getting certified. What's happening with this?
an independent certifying body not connected with any particular
coaching school, the IAC recognizes the importance of creating
standards of measurement that are broad in scope and unconnected to any
one coach training organization. Since the criteria currently used for
certification (the 15 Proficiencies), is owned by Coachville, the IAC
is developing new criteria to be used for certification.

The process of developing the new criteria began in early 2005 by a
global team of volunteers in an effort to make the standard measurement
international in its viewpoint using language that is comprehensive,
yet clear and simple.

Coaches seeking certification will have at least one year from the date
of the release of the new criteria to complete certification under
the 15 Proficiencies if they choose.  The new criteria will continue to
measure the very high standards of performance-based coaching
certification that we have come to expect from the IAC.

my training is with a coaching school like CTI or Coach U, or I've been
educated in a related field, will I be able to take the IAC Certified
Coach exam?

Yes, but you may want to study separately for
the IAC Certified Coach exam. The Learning Guides and other study
materials are located here.

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