Answers from the President


by Natalie
Tucker Miller

Happy New Year!

spend some time this week reading through
some of our VOICE
issues. When I look back over the 2 years
since I was voted President of the IAC,
what I notice most is the dedication and
enthusiasm from our esteemed volunteers,
contributors and members. This has truly
grown into the membership organization we’d
all hoped for. High certification standards
(that’s always been the case!), a
consistent presence via the VOICE, accessible
staff and wonderful resources for our members.
Of course, we’ve always an eye to enhancements
and improvements. Let us know what you feel
would make this an even better professional

And for the most part we fulfill what we’ve
set out to do. Sometimes we need go back
to the drawing board. But we always make
decisions with the members' best interest
in mind.

That said, here are a couple of items that
fall under the uncategorized “we didn’t
see it coming” heading:

Technology happens…………or

The online exam for the Masteries (we’re
so close we can taste it!) has run into
a minor glitch that will delay the launch
a couple of weeks. I am aware that several
people are chomping at the bit to take this
“next generation” exam and want
you to know we share your enthusiasm and
anticipation. It will be worth the wait!
The test preparers are working diligently
to get this up and running. Keep your eye
to the website for the formal launch!

Secondly, the Virtual Symposium has also
run into snags too paramount to overcome
by the intended February date. Diane Krause-Stetson,
Andrea J. Lee and I have done what we can
do to transcend these technological bumps,
to no avail. We want to thank the speakers
who so generously agreed to impart their
wisdom on mastery. Their presence will remain
on the site so members can read about them
and learn how they’ve made their marks
in their fields.

Refunds will be made promptly and Jean
Gran, the best treasurer an organization
could hope for, has already begun the process.
Thanks, Jean!

I’d also like to publicly declare
my appreciation and reverence for Diane
and Andrea. They have lavishly contributed
their time and talents. Working with them
on this has been a privilege.

a pleasing note, we welcome Kim Nishida
to the IAC Board of Governors! Kim is the
head honcho at
and We send her a warm welcome and look forward
to her valuable contributions!

always, don’t hesitate to contact
an IAC
board member
if you have any comments
or questions.


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