Answers from the President


by Natalie
Tucker Miller

There are such incredible people volunteering
their time to make this organization what
it is, I’m going to make somewhat
of a different request this month.

I invite you to think about the things
the IAC does that interest you, intrigue
you, compel you to be members and subscribers.
Once you’ve determined what you love
about the IAC, send an e-mail to
honoring something or someone specific,
or simply send a general love note! We’ll
post your messages in a future issue of
the Voice.

Now that I’ve got that out of my
system, I’d like to remind everyone
that December 31st, 2007 will be the last
day the IAC will accept certification submissions
for scoring using the 15 Proficiencies.
Beginning January 1, 2008, scoring will
be based on The IAC Coaching Masteries™.
The online written exam will also transition
from the Proficiencies to the Masteries
beginning January 1, 2008. This has been
a thrilling ride for everyone involved in
the process. We offer members this new generation
of coach certification with heartfelt gratitude
to the contributors.

And best to you, dear readers. Thank you
for appreciating the IAC’s mission
and high certification standards which benefit
the profession, our clients, the coaches
and ultimately positively impacts the world.


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