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by Natalie
Tucker Miller

Coaching happens.

Good coaching helps make things happen.

Masterful coaching creates the possibility for anything to happen.

is the level of coaching the IAC certification applicants aspire to when working
with their clients. Thomas Leonard knew that in order for our profession to
be sustainable, it had to produce sustainable results. The way to sustainable
coaching results is through the collaboration of masterful coaches and their clients.
When you begin to embody the effective behaviors and look for the measures outlined
in the Masteries
, you are on your way to understanding how and why masterful coaching
accomplishes this.

The IAC certifying examiners are committed to supporting the members to this
level of coaching. 
The certification team had planned to present the Observer’s Guide this
month; however, they have since determined a greater value would be discussing
the Masteries individually in article format which will appear in the monthly editions
of the Voice. This new approach is underway and we will keep you posted on progress.
In the meantime, get very familiar with the Masteries
, which is a treasure trove of coaching information in and of itself!

Another way we support masterful coaching is through IAC local chapters.
Chapter members meet to jointly raise their understanding of the IAC Masteries,
to practice coaching, to prepare for IAC Certification, and for all kinds of
mutual support activities. Kerri Laryea has been hosting the Phoenix chapter for
several months now and supporting the formation of new Chapters, details

To get the most from your IAC membership, you can join an existing chapter, or
consider hosting one in your community.

coaching with buddies can also help grow your coaching skills. Last month we
announced the new feature in the directory where members can list themselves
as buddies. Please be sure to have contact info available in your profile
if you choose this option, so coaches can get in touch with you!

we are not a training organization, we are continually seeking ways to support
our members to a masterful level of coaching. If you'd like to be part of this
mission, consider volunteering
on the many committees eager for your input!


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