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by Natalie
Tucker Miller

Coach certification: it’s what we do; it’s why we’re here.

IAC certification is based on an
understanding and demonstration of coaching
mastery through a written, online exam and recorded coaching sessions.

The IAC recognizes that many professionals from various industries transition
into coaching or use a coaching approach in their businesses or practices.
Many uses of coaching may not necessitate that coaches attend specific training
institutes or log certain numbers of coaching hours. It does not mean to imply,
however, that specific and distinct skills are not required. In whatever profession
you might be incorporating coaching approaches, an understanding of how coaching
is unique in its application is crucial.

This month, we announce the roll-out of the IAC Coaching Masteries E-Book
which is part of your IAC membership. A global team of coaches spent over two
years defining and refining these universal standards on which the IAC’s
certification will be based. Print these out and get to know them intimately!

For Members:
(Log-in to your member page to receive your free copy)

For Non-Members:

The certifying examiners are also creating a document called the Observer’s
Guide. For those coaches in training who record and listen to their coaching
sessions, or are studying with other coaches, this guide will help determine
if you are masterfully integrating coaching skills. Look for the link to this
“hot off the presses” document in next month’s Voice.

Speaking of the IAC Coaching Masteries, the online exam is slated to be complete
by late October. By January 1, 2008, we will be certifying exclusively under
the Masteries. If you would like to be scored using the Proficiencies, you have
only until Dec. 31 2007.

Some resources for getting certified

As we take cues from the members, more and more resources are being made
available. If you're interested in being involved with this mission, please


Note: Be on the lookout for a special
mailing this month announcing the details of our upcoming Virtual Symposium!

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