Answers from the President


by Natalie
Tucker Miller

This month, let's take a
moment (or two) to applaud the many people who contribute their time and talent
to the care and feeding of the IAC. 

Note: Too numerous to detail in one announcement,
so please visit the "Friends of the IAC"
page for a comprehensive list.

We continue to grow with
paid members and new certifications, and it's one of my personal thrills to
connect with the many of you who offer support, input and a continued commitment
to coaching. Since this is a membership organization, run on the fuel of volunteers,
it's important to me that these individuals are acknowledged and honored for
their beneficence!

To begin, a huge round of
applause for Angela Spaxman and her wonderful team of editorial assistants. 
Angela, in addition to being a member of the
Board of Governors,
has added wonderful flavor to the
Voice, the IAC's main means
of connecting and communicating with members and subscribers.  Her powerful,
clear and confident presence is more of an asset to the IAC than I am sure she
realizes. We can count ourselves quite fortunate to have her on the team, and
from the e-mail we receive on her behalf, I know the membership appreciates
her as well.  And although all board members have tasks outside their advisory
capacity, Angela willingly accepted this position which is above and beyond
the board commitment or expectation.

Some of the other committees
in which the
Board of Governors
are/will be involved include communications, public relations, strategic planning,
event planning, operations, outreach, international outreach, volunteer communications,
promotion and member benefits.  Big stuff.

Obviously, we are all very
excited as more of the initiatives take shape, increasing the viability and
the visibility of the IAC.  As Sebastian, from Disney's The Little Mermaid,
declared, "She's got legs, mon!"  If you're interested in being part of this
momentum, consider joining the

On a final note, let's send
love and appreciation to the
Certification Board
These masterful coaches continue to give of themselves on behalf of the coaching
profession and the IAC. I can guarantee that even those of us involved in
the inner workings do not have a full understanding of how much they give. 
They have donated hours upon hours to the betterment of the IAC, coach certification
and the language of masterful coaching.  Clearly the pioineers of the IAC certification
process, they work to uphold the high standards that have become the IAC's trademark. 

Like I said, big stuff.

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