Answers from the President


by Natalie
Tucker Miller

This month we welcome the completion of
the online Part One IAC Coaching Masteries™
test. The Masteries test officially replaces
the Proficiencies-based exam. The success
of this project can be summed up by Board
Member and test development team leader,
Lucia Murphy:

“The remarkable success of this project
can be, in great part, attributed to the
collaborative partnership of the entire team. Once the group was selected, we
were all charged with achieving the immediately desired outcomes, at the same
time giving
a compelling vision of how this project
fits into the organization's ongoing strategy.
We were given the freedom to accomplish
these in any way we believed best, both
for the long- and short-term. We were made
responsible for the immediate outcomes,
but were not necessarily limited to one
person's idea of the "best" way
to go about it.

“More importantly, the over-delivery
against the initial objective on this project
is a testament to the power of forward-thinking
and inspired leadership. The individuals
on the team were motivated to rise above
minimum expectations and reach for something
greater, something sustainable.”

Log into your member area to gain access
to the Part One test

Last month we mentioned the transition
of the leadership team and I’m honored
to announce those changes have indeed taken
place. Our elections this past month brought
these changes:

Angela Spaxman, President
Parker Anderson, Vice-President
Tara Robinson, new board member and Secretary

Jean Gran will remain as Treasurer. She
has done an outstanding job and we are so
pleased that she will remain on the executive
team. (As Immediate Past President, my term
on the executive team continues through
December, 2008, as well.)

There are no words to describe how exciting
it is to welcome this team of accomplished
leaders as they help shape the next phase
of the IAC. Thank, you, team, you have my
full support!

With the change of leadership comes the
change of the editorial team. Kerch McConlogue
joins us as editor of the IAC Voice. She
comes highly recommended with a plethora
of editorial experience. We look forward
to the energy and insights she will bring
to the position. Welcome, Kerch!

On another note, this month we also accepted
the resignation of Heidi Maye Holihan, who
has been a board member for three years.
Heidi devoted much of her time to the strategic
vision of the organization. Her ability
to see alternate sides of an issue helped
the IAC to consider the underlying possibilities.
Our heartfelt appreciation goes to a loyal
and devoted member for the service she provided.
Best to you, Heidi.

And best to you, dear readers. As I pass
the proverbial torch, I will indeed miss
these monthly chats! Look for Angela’s
new column as president next month! And
please, stay in touch. I cherish the interactions
I’ve had with members and hope you
continue to share your thoughts with me.

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