“Are you a Subscriber or a Member?”

by Susan Korb

It has not
been my pattern in life to be a joiner. In college I skipped
the sorority lifestyle, remaining a person commonly labeled
as an "independent." Also, I joined the Brownies, yet left
the Girl Scout organization. That all changed when I became
a proud member of the IAC this month.

I became aware
through coaching and while writing my own newsletter, that
operating as a "Lone Ranger" in life and practice has been
an energy drain and a hindrance. My coaching practice has
taken a more rapid, positive upturn by reaching out and
sharing, communicating, and practicing with other coaches.

The initial
benefit for me of IAC membership is that I have acknowledged
that I am a professional life coach. When I decided to
consider myself a Professional Life Coach, the importance of
being an IAC Member (an active participant) rather than a
Subscriber (an observer) become apparent.

What I
particularly like about the IAC:

  • The IAC is
    evolving, and that is an important value for me.

  • The focus is
    on coaching, and not on individual coaches. Through the IAC
    I can support the development of coaching in all walks of

A few specific member benefits:

    newsletter is a valuable asset and some of its rich content
    of articles and features is available to members only.

  • The

    IAC certification
    acknowledges excellence in coaching,
    yet without a specific learning format requirement.

  • Members are
    listed in the "Find a Coach" on-line directory.
    Clients can discover and verify our pledge to abide by the
    IAC Principles and
    Code of Ethics.

  • You can get
    discounts on insurance, events and other services of special
    interest to coaches.

  • There are both
    on-line and live opportunities to connect with other IAC
    coaches through


    local chapters

  • Volunteer opportunities
    enhance and enrich the learning
    curve and expand contact and "rubbing elbows" with leading
    coaches in a supportive environment that elicits your best.
    If you have questions,
    ask me. I love it!

Are you an
IAC member or a subscriber? If you’re not sure, click on
this link: 

, enter your
email address and ask for your password to be sent to you
(if you haven’t got it already). With your password, you can
log-in to see your status and upgrade or join.

If you have
any questions about your membership or subscriber status,
please contact


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