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As mentioned last month, we’ll spend the next several issues
of the VOICE meeting the people who contribute to the care
and growth of the IAC.

M. Parker Anderson has served on the Board of Governors for
the past two years, and has offered her time and talents on
several committees and special projects. I have the pleasure
of working closely with Parker, and am continuously reminded
of her dedication not just to the profession, but to the
individual professionals who comprise coaching.

I had the opportunity to ask Parker to explain a bit of her
role at the IAC, and this is what she had to say:

I am delighted to serve on the Board of Governors for the
International Association of Coaching (IAC).

My personal and professional interests on the Board are in
the area of International Programs and Projects and in
furthering the development and growth of coaches and the
coaching profession worldwide.

However, serving on a volunteer board requires each member
to step out beyond their levels of comfort and interests, as
part of their commitment to get the work of the organization
done and moving forward. So I have also served as the Chair
for the Bylaws Committee and as an active member of the
Strategic Planning Committee. The work of these two
committees has resulted in countless hours of conversation,
debate, and negotiation. I must say, however, that these
seemingly long and arduous hours have been balanced by
intense laughter, shared joy, and focused inspiration.

In looking forward, what I would like to see in the field of
coaching and as a directed, focused component for this
Board, is:

1) a continued emphasis on strengthening the field of
coaching through the skills and abilities of highly
qualified and capable coaches;

2) an increased awareness of the unique needs and
differences of those in the global coaching community;

3) an expanded interest in serving those with limited
resources and access to coaching;

4) meeting and serving the needs of our current and future
members in growing their practices into thriving and
prosperous entities.

For us to achieve these goals by the year 2010 we must
remain focused on our purpose. We need your help and your
genuine commitment to the work that lies ahead. For an
organization to stay alive and even more so, for the
profession and field to thrive requires the ongoing and
active involvement of its members.

I truly encourage others to find their place of service to
the profession. I invite you to volunteer your skills and
talents, and to share your best thinking. Consider
volunteering at the local level, write articles that can be
broadly disseminated, engage in structured dialogues that
move the profession forward, or step into leadership at
national or international level.

The people to people connections, that have emerged for me,
over the course of my weeks and months in service to the IAC
Board, will continue to nurture me long after my tenure on
the Board has come and gone. I know that I will truly enjoy
reflecting on the value of being a part of this powerful
organization and the professional world of coaching.

On the personal side, I am the President and Founder of
Anderson Advantage Group
, an international coaching
organization based in Washington, D.C. Having lived and
worked internationally, I am fortunate to use my
multi-lingual skills in Spanish and French within my
coaching practice.

Known to speak the “caring truth”, with humor, sharp
observations, and unconditional honesty, I continue to
persevere and support my clients as a leadership coach and
life strategist. My personal commitment is to be a “voice
for the voiceless” and to “inspire leaders to rise from
within, to achieve their own unforgettable legacy”.

Meet the
Board of Governors:

And as always, don’t hesitate to
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