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IAC Quo Vadis Coaching? Webinarios 2018 Click here for English Por favor marca tu calendario, ya que este va a ser un poderoso equipo de coaches de alrededor del mundo. Tendremos sesiones en Inglés, Español y Mandarin. De paso te comentamos, “Quo Vadis?” significa “¿adónde vas?” o “¿adónde te diriges?”. Vamos a averiguarlo. Las sesiones…

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IAC Quo Vadis Coaching? Webinars, 2018 Haz click aquí para Español Please mark your calendar, since this is going to be a powerful line-up of coaches from around the world. There will be sessions held in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. By the way, Quo Vadis? means, “where are you going?” or “where are you headed?”….

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