Becoming an IAC® Accredited School

IAC®’s Accreditation School program authorizes coach mentors, who are IAC-Certified Coach™ and members, and coach training organizations with a current IAC-Certified Coach™ and member representative.

In addition to The Coaching Masteries®, IAC® Accredited Schools are also required to incorporate IAC Code of Ethics®, IAC® Values, Mission, Membership, and Certification processes into their commercial mentoring or training programs.

With this access to The Coaching Masteries®, coach training organizations can assist clients or students in becoming IAC-Certified Coach™ and leverage IAC®’s rigorous certification process that promotes coaching excellence and professionalism.

Accreditation process:

1. Eligibility: Please ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements of completing Step 2 of IAC® Certification process) successfully.

2. Complete the IAC® ACCREDITED SCHOOL: APPLICATION FORM on your Member Dashboard. Please note, the Application form will be available only if you meet the criteria of eligibility i.e. if you are certified as an IAC-Certified Coach™ o IAC-Master Coach™.

3. Review and Feedback: On successful submission, the applications will be reviewed by the School Accreditation Committee (SAC) and approved within the target timeframe of 6 weeks. (Subject to the completeness of documents submitted). The SAC team will communicate the decision of approval with the next steps, or specific observation and guidance on gaps observed that can be addressed by the school to reapply. Please reach out to for clarifications, if any.

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