Benefits of being an IAC® Accredited School:

· Authorized to complete the MPDP Review as per the IAC® process.
· Accredited Schools will be listed on the IAC® website.
· Access to Accredited School forum on the IAC® online collaboration platform in Basecamp.
· Accredited Schools may contribute to the monthly column in the IAC® VOICE, designated for Accredited Schools.


Eligibility to be an IAC® Accredited School:

· Be an active IAC® member for the duration of the accreditation.
· Register an IAC-Certified Coach™ to represent the school.
· Commit to the Code of Ethics and IAC® operating principles.
· Participate in an interview by the School Accreditation committee to demonstrate commitment to the following:
a) Supporting the spirit of coaching as described in the IAC® vision and mission statements.
b) Advancing the reputation of the IAC® and of coaching as a profession.
c) Demonstrating general coaching and professional experience.
d) Explaining how The Coaching Masteries™ are incorporated in their services and products.
· Submission of the required documentation

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