Blast From the Past!

On March 11th, 2003, ten years ago today, the IAC launched! Let’s take
a look at a page from 2003, when the virtual doors first opened.

This is so wonderfully “Thomas”! Although the IAC has changed and
evolved with its members and the profession, you’ll see that the overall
philosophy of how the IAC approaches coach certification has endured.

And now, from ten years ago…

About Us

IAC officially launched on March 11, 2003 as a non-profit entity in the state
of New Mexico. By the end of 2003, we expect to be the largest coaching association
in the world.

We are managed by a volunteer Board
of Governors
, originally appointed to the board, however Governors positions
will be elected beginning in 2004. The IAC consists of several component
and manages dozens of projects
focused on the coaching industry and client interests.

IAC received startup funding from CoachVille with a $25,000 launch grant and
will work closely with the CoachVille during the first year as we grow and wean.
Our intention is to be a separate entity responsible for managing the certification
process of the 15
and a membership organization focused on furthering the interests
of coaching clients worldwide.

Michael "Coop" Cooper is coordinating the IAC efforts and is supported
by teams of coaches designing and building out each of the components outlined

Yes! You can get involved!

IAC has several projects, or special focus areas, that are in the works. We
need your help! As you know, we are a volunteer organization and can only be
successful with the generous support of our members.

The 3 Steps to Earning the Certified Coach designation

These steps are taken in sequence.

Step 1. Score 80% or higher on a comprehensive written examination.
The exam is administered online, and consists of 200 multiple choice questions
from a bank of 1500 such questions, including questions on ethical/legal practices.
If you do not pass the written test, you'll need to wait 30 days before taking
it again

Step 2. Score 80% or higher on the Coaching Proficiencies scorecarding.
You'll be audio taping 3 coaching sessions, with real clients and with their
permission, and, after the fact, three Certifying Coaches from the IAC will
listen to the RealAudio tape of your sessions and scorecard your coaching, based
on your demonstration of the 15 Coaching Proficiencies. (We'll handle the recording
process for you.) You will receive a copy of your scorecard and comments made
by the Certifying Coaches.

Step 3. Successfully complete a brief interview with 3 Certifying Coaches.
The purpose of this interview is to cover any of the 15 proficiencies that were
not demonstrated during your 3 scorecarded coaching sessions. During this interview
you will coach one of the Certifying Coaches on a scenario designed specifically
for each of the proficiencies you did not cover in the recorded calls with your

Additional information about the certification process.

  1. As you can see, we've made the process as simple as possible.
  2. Yet, as simple as the process is, we believe it's the most rigorous certification
    process of any coach certifying agency.
  3. In order to pass the written exam, scorecarding and interview segments,
    you will need to have coaching experience, and full knowledge of the 15
    Coaching Proficiencies
  4. We (deliberately) do not require a set number of hours of experience as
    a coach. Why? Because experience alone doesn't "make you" a Certified
    Coach. Rather, we rely on validated, real-world demonstration of the coaching
    proficiencies to award the Certified Coach designation.

There have been a few changes in the process (2 recordings instead of 3, for
instance), and an addition of designations honoring skilled coaches and practitioners,
and of course, the introduction of the IAC VOICE in January of 2004. The most
obvious change is the transition to the Masteries, the body of work developed
for and by coaches around the globe.

There are also signs of the maturity of the organization. Over the years the
Board of Governors and other volunteers have created IAC Chapters, grown our
member benefits division, introduced Licensing of the Masteries, created many
of the internal policies and procedures that help ensure the viability and sustainability
of IAC. It’s taken many people, countless hours and a variety of expertise
to grow and nurture the IAC, and, as was in 2003, the IAC invites you to get
involved! For more information, contact one of the IAC Board of Governors members,
or feel free to reach out to anyone you may know personally who is part of the

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