José Manuel “Pepe” del Río Zamacona


José Manuel "Pepe" del Río Zamacona,

BOG Term: 2012-2021
President Term: 2018 - 2019
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Pepe's Biography

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Pepe is a life and executive Coach. (His expertise includes communication, retirement, Outplacement, career & life coaching). Bicultural, he has a worldwide experience in different industries and organizations. In addition, He is a speaker in human development, personal transformation, family, communication, coaching and sales topics. He works on a daily basis in del Río training and back to business.

Pepe’s purpose is, Help human beings to build responsible and conscious awakening; encouraging their potential to achieve their goals, communicate better, and to live the life they want. Pepe’s style as a coach is friendly, empathetic and assertive. He rules his work under the masteries, and the code of ethics of the International Association of Coaching that handles the highest standards of practice of coaching in the world.

Pepe is the coauthor and facilitator of the certifications “High performance families”, “Quality a personal mission”, “productive communication”& ” Public Speaking transformation”. Together with his wife Aída was the former producer and host of the family radio show, “Vivir en familia” in Mexico.

Among other studies, he holds two Coaching certifications:

  • Coaching sistémico (Systemic coaching), from More global Consulting.
  • “Life Options”. Retirement Coach, from Careers Partners International.

Pepe’s interests include spending quality time with his wife and kids; Books and theater.

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