Péter Rusznák


Péter Rusznák

BOG Term: 2012 - 2018
Treasurer Term: 2017 - 2018
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Peter is a business and life coach. His method is proactive and integrative: He precedes bigger problems, by solving the problems at the right time. He uses different types of coaching methods to best serve the coaches.

During the coaching consultations, he helps his clients to identify their goals and difficulties that hinder them from achieving their objectives in the first place, then he provides support for them to find out what and how to do in order to make changes to perform breakthrough in reaching their goals. Finally, he ensures with his feedbacks that the coaches stay on the pre-designated path, carry out the previously set actions and achieve their aims

Peter received a Master’s degree in political science from Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

He is the Chapter president of the IAC Hungarian Chapter. As a Chapter president he organizes monthly meetings, where they review the main goals, mission and values of the IAC and discuss recent coaching issues. They have translated the IAC Coaching Masteries and the Code of Ethics to Hungarian.

He is the managing director of Pro Bona Coaching & Training Center (Proactive Coaching Group). They are in the service of companies as well as individuals via providing coach training, business coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, organization development, economic mediation and business mediation.

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