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Terry Lipovski

BOG Term: 2019 - 2022
BOG Member Term: 2019 - 2022
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Terry Lipovski is the Founder of Ubiquity, a trusted and referred leadership consultancy based in Canada. Terry helps organizational leaders and presenters maximize impact, inspire action and improve organizational performance. With a unique background in both occupational psychology and corporate leadership. Terry has served in leadership roles at Apple Inc, Bell and Rogers, and as a Board Director. He has worked with clients in over 20 countries. including Microsoft, HP, GE, Tesco, Enbridge, TD, Air Canada and the Government of Canada. As an IAC Certified Masteries Coach, he specializes in team building, engagement, strategy, relationships, balance, presence and presenting skills. He is an Instructor at the Algonquin College School of Business, a TEDx Speaking Coach, Podcast Host and Author.

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