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I was studying with Thomas Leonard in 2002 when he first created the organization
that became the IAC. His vision for a coach certification that reflects what
really matters to clients is as compelling now as it was back then. IAC coach
certification offers a simple, powerful pathway to the coach who wants to do
great work and have a credential that represents that. The IAC brand is clear:
coaches who have embraced coaching mastery and have pledged to uphold professional
ethics and standards.

Julia Stewart, MMC,
President, http://www.schoolofcoachingmastery.com

Coaching is a growing profession with a set of standards, values, ethics and
skills. As the profession continues to grow, having an organization that embodies
those principles is vital. And there are a few that do embody those. I appreciate
the IAC because it is the only coaching organization that is an “open
tent”, embracing and certifying coaches who meet those principles and
standards regardless of what kind of training they’ve had.

I was one of the three individuals who created and administered the first IAC
exam. The team quickly saw that some people are innately skilled as coaches
without any training, and others may have been educated as a coach but lacked
the necessary understanding to be truly skilled.

This is important for a fledgling profession. We must recognize that there
are talented individuals who have been coaching for longer than coach training
has existed. They are experienced and masterful, and need to be included in
the “open tent” of coaches, in addition to individuals who have
specialized training outside of coaching, who embrace the coaching profession.

Donna Steinhorn, MMC

What the IAC has meant to me:

"For me, the IAC has meant being part of, and supporting, an organization
sincerely interested in both masterful coaching and forwarding the interest
of coaches and coaching worldwide. As an organization, the IAC promotes social
equity: it does not require members or candidates for certification to attend
costly coach training programs, or to have documented extensive paid coaching
experiences. Membership fees are reasonable, too.

Membership in the IAC has also meant that I have an easy structure for accountability
around my professional and personal development through benefits and the Learning
Agreement process. Everything the IAC does, it does with the highest level of
standards and integrity, designed with purposefulness around their mission and

Kerul Kassel, Ph.D

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