We welcome you to Step 2 of your certification journey, and hope that you have read the guidelines thoroughly. Please follow the process below, to submit your recording.

Step 2: Submission Process

To proceed to Step 2 of the certification process you must be a IAC-Masteries Practitioner™

  1. Upload your audio recording of the coaching session (Mp3 format preferred) (1 recording for IAC-Certified Coach™ and 2 for IAC-Master Coach™ submission)
  2. Sign and complete the Waiver of Confidentiality Form.
  3. Written transcript: Ensure that your written transcript (in English ) is complete as per the guidelines below
  4. Payment for Step 2:  If you have not yet made the payment for submitting your recording, you may do so now:

Written transcript

IAC requires applicants to submit an English written transcript of each coaching session. Here are some guidelines that will help you:

  1. Specify the coach’s full name at the start of the document
  2. Language: The transcript must be in English. Please ensure that your transcript is in English (and no other Language). The IAC will be unable to score your recording if the Transcript is sent in any language, other than English.
  3. Verbatim: The transcript must be an accurate record of every single word or sound exactly as they are heard from the coach and client
  4. Speaker Identification: Use Speaker labels to indicate if the words were spoken by the coach or client. Specify “Coach”, “Client” or you may use the first name of coach and client. This will help the IAC Examiner identify the speaker. Speaker labels must be written in bold followed by a colon and a space.
  5. Timestamp: Include timestamp (i.e. time in hours, minutes and seconds) to indicate time in hh:mm:ss format. Timestamp must be immediately before the Speaker label.
  6. Save the transcript as a Word Document (.doc or .docx).
  7. Please review the document for accuracy before submitting it.
  8. You can use transcription tools that are available in the market. Please do review the transcript for accuracy before submitting it for certification.


Coach’s Full Name……………….

00:04 Coach: Hi………..

00:07 Client: Hi………..

00:09 Coach: Great to have you here.

00:13 Client: Thank you.

00:14 Coach: I want to ask your permission to record this session for the purpose of sending it to the IAC for my Certification as a coach?

00:19 Client: Yes. Absolutely.

00:21 Coach: Thank you very much.

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