Coaching Research

Coaching Research

Building Coaching Mastery Through Research

The IAC® expands coaching mastery by supporting and encouraging relevant coaching research. Through research, the coaching profession gains credibility and validity, and expands the possibilities of what and how masterful coaching can impact the world.

We support research in two primary ways:

  1. By disseminating coaching research
  2. By generating coaching research


Disseminating coaching research

The IAC® uses contemporary coaching research to support IAC® coaches to become models of coaching excellence. One of the ways the IAC® does this, is by sharing information on the blog about cutting-edge coaching research.


Generating coaching research

The IAC also supports researchers in generating research to document the coaching process, especially in relation to IAC® coaches and the IAC® masteries.

IAC® members who are actively generating or considering generating research that involves IAC® coaches, the IAC® masteries, research that would benefit IAC® members or assisting the IAC team in generating valuable coaching research are invited to connect with us.


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