How The Evaluation Works

How the IAC® Certification Evaluation Process Works

Step 1: Online Test:

Scores are calculated automatically based on your answers. To prepare for Step 1, consider taking the Sample Test (free).

Step 2: Recorded Coaching Sessions:

When you submit your 2 recordings, the Certification Coordinator will have them transcribed, and provide the recordings and transcripts to two eligible certifiers.

Upon thoroughly reviewing the audio and written materials, each certifier, independent of one another, logs a numerical score for each Mastery, supported by written examples of coaching behaviors, effects, measures, etc. This documentation is then sent to the certification processor, who compiles each certifier’s scores and notes and sends this combined document back to the two certifiers. The certifiers then review each other’s notes and schedule a meeting where they discuss and reinforce the specifics of the sessions, to provide thorough feedback for the applicant’s scorecard.

In order to maintain the highest level of integrity and accuracy, the IAC® has specific and strict guidelines that eliminate any conflict of interest, such as:

  • A certifier shall not participate as an examiner if they have coached or mentored the applicant, or if they have worked for, represented, volunteered or been closely associated with any coach mentoring or training programs that the applicant has attended or participated in.
  • Certifiers shall refrain from certifying anyone with whom they have a personal or close professional affiliation.
  • Certifiers shall do everything in their power to avoid a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.

These guidelines ensure there is no undue influence on the certifier’s ability to score objectively, and are enforced by a certification processor—an independent third party contracted by the IAC®—who determines the eligibility of each certifier.

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