Masteries Practitioner

 The IAC® Masteries Practitioner

Masteries Practitioner is the IAC®’s designation that addresses the evolving needs of coaches and the coaching profession. It is considered a learning designation and it demonstrates one’s commitment to practicing the IAC Coaching Masteries® and integrating these high level coaching skills into their professional lives.

Although it can stand alone, having merit in its own right as a learning designation, it can also be celebrated as a stepping stone to the Step 2 of coach certification where a coach has demonstrated masterful application of the Masteries and earns the CMC (Certified Masteries Coach) or MMC (Master Masteries Coach) designation. A Masteries Practitioner, by contrast, is someone working to learn and embody the Masteries.

Download a copy of the Path to Certification chart.

Why was this additional designation created?

  • To provide encouragement and support for all members (not just IAC Certified Masteries Coaches) to focus on continuous improvement
  • To provide a ‘welcome mat’ for those newer to coaching, to gain some recognition for their development and commitment within coaching
  • To set a minimum standard for coaching practice …1) to abide by ethical standards, 2) to know what masterful coaching is and 3) to commit to continuous learning

How is this a benefit to the coaching profession?

  • Provide a designation and set of standards for those who do not fit the paths set by other more conventional coach certification bodies
  • To recognize the wide variety of people who practice coaching, whether professionals or not, and to give them a benchmark to guide their practice
  • This benchmark is sufficiently flexible to suit a wide variety of coaches
  • The standard doesn’t restrict or limit how coaches choose to develop themselves but rather encourages self-responsibility
  • Model an attitude of abundance and possibility to build the coaching profession, rather than a more conventional model of protecting and defending the profession

How does this benefit IAC® members?

  • Support for setting better goals for continuous development
  • Provide a visible designation that proves members are practicing to minimum standards

Why would a coach want/need/care about this designation?

  • Provide a visible designation that proves members are practicing to minimum standards
  • To publicly declare their standards for their coaching practice
  • Promote IAC® by proudly showing the designation

How does a coach earn the IAC® MasteriesPractitioner Designation?

Masteries Practitioner (MP) “package”

  • Any member of the IAC who is interested in immediately pursuing the MASTERIES PRACTITIONER (MP) designation can purchase the discounted “MP” package at a special price of US $319.
  • The MP package includes one Annual Membership (US $169), one On-line test (US$ 97) and one Masteries Practitioner Development Plan (MPDP – US $150). The package offers an attractive saving of US $97.
  • Members who purchase the MP package are expected to complete the process in one year. If the process extends beyond a year, members are required to renew their annual membership at fees prevalent at that time.

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