Masteries Professional Development Plan

Masteries Professional Development Plan

When should you complete your annual Masteries Professional Development Plan?


  • Whenever you would find the structure, accountability, and support of the MPDP process to be helpful to your continued growth and development as a professional coach.
  • When you’re ready to begin working towards Masteries Practitioner Status.


  • Annually in order to retain your Masteries Practitioner Status

Certified Coaches:

  • 1 year from individual Certification date
  • Annually in order to retain your certification status


  • Professional development goals should be different every year, or be a clear continuation of progress on an existing path
  • Professional development goals must show direct relationship to the IAC Coaching Masteries®

Examples of activities for Masteries Professional Development Plan:

  1. 360-degree Review
    • A coach would choose three clients to participate in a 360-degree review process:
    • For each client, there will be three separate feedback forms – The coach’s self-evaluation, the client’s evaluation and an evaluation by a colleague of the client to provide an “outside” view
    • The forms would be reviewed by two certifiers to determine if a follow-up interview with the coach is necessary (for instance if there are big gaps in the reviews.)
  2. Peer or co-coaching participation or Coaching Review (i.e., buddy coaching or triad sessions with other IAC members using a structured feedback process, working with a Mentor Coach, etc.)
  3. Broaden your knowledge of how the Masteries apply to your specific niche and style of coaching (Via self-evaluating recorded coaching sessions)
  4. Personal and professional growth options, honoring the work that coaches are already doing in the profession, for example:
    • Attending coaching conferences/classes
    • Coordinating IAC chapter events
    • Volunteering for the IAC (or another coaching nonprofit)
    • Writing articles for the VOICE or other publications
    • Conducting coaching research
    • Hosting a study group
    • Mentor coaching
    • Offer a client pro bono coaching in exchange for detailed feedback, making connections to the Masteries
    • Analyze interactions with characters in a movie and note which Masteries are present and/or could be present

Sample Documents:

Masteries Professional Development Plan Submission Process

Coaches interested in submitting a Masteries Professional Development Plan proposal may send a request for Masteries Professional Development Plan documents to: Please also refer to the sample proposal and submission documents above.

Once a completed proposal is submitted, applicants will meet with an IAC Masteries Professional Development Plan reviewer to insure that they have a comprehensive understanding of how the IAC Masteries Professional Development Plan can support their learning throughout the year. Within 12 months after the proposal is submitted, the applicant will meet again with a reviewer to discuss progress and answer questions for completing the future IAC Masteries Professional Development Plans. Successful completion of the first Masteries Professional Development Plan and passing the Step One online test provides the applicant with the IAC Masteries Practitioner designation.

An annual submission of an IAC Masteries Professional Development Plan is required to maintain the IAC Masteries Practitioner as well as the IAC Certified Masteries Coach and Master Masteries Coach designations. Every five years, coaches holding an IAC credential will meet with an IAC reviewer to discuss their growth as coaches via the Masteries Professional Development Plans and discuss the plan for future Masteries Professional Development Plans. The IAC’s objective is to encourage and support continued professional growth for coaches.

Masteries Professional Development Plan Fees

The fee for the initial submission of the Masteries Professional Development Plan is $150.00, and a fee of $150.00 will apply every five years thereafter, when subsequent reviews are conducted.

Please send your request for Masteries Professional Development Plan documents

Masteries Practitioner (MP) “package”

  • If you are interested in immediately pursuing the MASTERIES PRACTITIONER (MP) designation can purchase the discounted “MP” package at a special price of US $319.
  • The MP package includes one Annual Membership (US $169), one On-line test (US$ 97) and one Masteries Practitioner Development Plan (MPDP – US $150). The package offers an attractive saving of US $97.
  • When purchasing the MP package are expected to complete the process in one year. If the process extends beyond a year, members are required to renew their annual membership at fees prevalent at that time.

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