Step 1: The IAC® Masteries Practitioner

This step evaluates the cognitive understanding of IAC Coaching Masteries.

The Masteries Practitioner is a designation awarded to members who have demonstrated an understanding of the IAC Coaching Masteries® and have created a plan for their continuing professional development (MPDP). This is mandatory and your first step towards certification.

Masteries Practitioner is the IAC®’s designation that addresses the evolving needs of coaches and the coaching profession. It is considered a learning designation and it demonstrates one’s commitment to practicing the 9 IAC Coaching Masteries® and integrating these high level coaching skills into their professional lives.

Although it can stand alone, having merit in its own right as a learning designation, it can also be celebrated as a stepping stone to Step 2 of coach certification where a coach has demonstrated masterful application of the 9 IAC Coaching Masteries® and earns the Certified Masteries Coach or MMC (Master Masteries Coach) designation. A Masteries Practitioner, by contrast, is someone working to learn and embody the Masteries.

Why would a coach want this designation?

  • This is a mandatory step to complete the certification process. It provides a visible designation that proves members are practicing to minimum standards.
  • To publicly declare the coach’s standards for their coaching practice.

How does a coach earn the IAC® Masteries Practitioner Designation?

  • Download and complete the Masteries Professional Development Plan and email it to The IAC MPDP Reviewer will contact you for the MPDP Review conversation.
  • Achieve a passing score on Step 1 online test. A score of 70% is required to pass.This evaluates your knowledge and awareness of the Masteries, and ethical standards. Scores are calculated automatically based on your answers and emailed to you. You may also want to try the Practice Test (free).

The Masteries Practitioner designation will be awarded within 6 weeks of successful completion of the online test and review of the Masteries Professional Development Plan.

Get Certified:

If you are interested in getting certified, the first step is to get the Masteries Practitioner designation. IAC offers a Masteries Practitioner package at a special price of US $ 319. This Masteries Practitioner package offers an attractive savings of US $97. It includes: 

  • One Annual Membership (US $169)
  • One On-line test (US$ 97)
  • One Masteries Practitioner Development Plan (MPDP – US $150) and a conversation with an IAC MPDP Reviewer.

If you are an IAC member, you can still buy the Masteries Practitioner package and your IAC membership will be extended by one more year. Please ensure that you buy the membership with your email id that is registered with IAC.

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