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  • This test is designed to help you determine your readiness for Step Two of the certification process, or fulfill the test requirement for the IAC Practitioner option. This test will measure your understanding of coaching mastery as defined by the IAC®.


  • Any Registered IAC® Member with a unique ID number can complete Step 1, the online test. Purchase and register for Step 1 through your Member Dashboard
  • You can either purchase the “Step 1: Online test” or “MP Package”. To understand more about the MP Package, please read though “Masteries Practitioner package” benefits
  • To take the IAC Online test, log in and go to the Member Dashboard.
  • Click on the drop down button on “Getting Certified”
    1. Click on the drop down button on “Getting Certified
    2. Click on Step 1: Online Test link


  • We believe this certification test to be the most comprehensive online evaluation in our industry.


  • While there is no time limit and the time it takes each person to complete the exam will vary widely, we suggest you set aside 4-5 hours where you can focus without interruption. You may want to do this in two or more  sessions.


  • The exam is based on knowledge and demonstration of the 9 IAC Coaching Masteries™ and the IAC Code of Ethics.
  • 100 questions in total
  • Between 6 and 12 questions on each Mastery
  • Up to 7 questions on ethics
  • 16 questions on general coaching skills that apply to all Coaching Masteries
  • Each exam is drawn from a pool of questions so exam questions will vary from person to person.


  • We encourage you to orient yourself to the exam style and content by trying the sample exam first (free).
  • You are welcome to use any notes or written references to help you complete the exam.
  • Save your progress: When you take the  test, please ensure that you continue to save your progress (“Save and Continue Later” button in the bottom-left-corner) at regular intervals so that your answers will be recorded as you proceed and the system will recall your answers if you log in at a later date to complete it. Kindly do not press the “back” button on your web browser, without saving your progress. You can also pause midway through the exam, and resume at a later time.
  • You must answer each question before moving on to the next. Be aware that you can not go back to a previous question once you have selected “Next”.
  • Time-limit: There is no time limit and the system does not track your time.
  • Score: The passing score for the test is an overall score (across all five sections) of 70%. While each section may indicate the percentage, IAC will consider the overall score of 70%. You will receive your result by email on completion of the test.
  • To retake the test: On completing your test, if your overall score is less than 70%, you will be taken back to the main page to retake the test. However, we recommend that you retake the test after reviewing your result and taking time out to prepare for the test. You are allowed to retake the test multiple times.
  • Sequence: Please complete  each section in sequence. You will be able to proceed to the next section only after completing the previous section. At the end of each section, the score will be saved and you will be given the option to continue to the next section. are welcome to use any notes or written references to help you complete the exam.
  • There is no time limit and the system does not track your time.

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