Championing our Members

Dalton Pen 2005 is honoring Ruth Ann Harnisch
as an extraordinary leader in the communications industry who has made
an impact on their community in their field with a special achievement
award known as the IMPACTING OUR WORLD award. Recipients are chosen
solely based on nominations.

shares the Dalton Pen 2005 award with luminaries such as billionaire
investor Warren Buffet, Reverend Al Green and actress Catherine O'Hara,
among others.

Ruth Ann received this award for creating the Dignitarian Dialogues, which promoted the book Somebodies and Nobodies
by Robert W. Fuller. Ruth Ann also purchased copies of the book and
made them available as part of the IAC paid membership fee.

There are a few copies of the book still remaining with your paid membership.Pay your membership dues here to receive your copy of the book.

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