by Bob Tschannen-Moran (c) 2006

The gnawing preoccupation
That something might be wrong
That something has gone wrong
That something will go wrong
Does not inspire great change

Do this, or die
Lose this, or die
Gain this, or die
Achieve this, or die
Measure up to this, or die

The ultimatums of what must be done
And the babble of things gone wrong
Paint the case for change
On a canvas of
Failure, frustration, and fear

It takes courage to step away,

To let the noise die down,
And to listen for that still, small voice

Forever whispering
The message of life:

"Let there be nothing wrong now."
"Let there be nothing wrong."
"Let there be something right now."
"Let there be something right
With life!"

The whisper roars
And planets turn
Infants reach
And lovers embrace
For life

The canvas bursts with
Aspiration, hope, and change
As the voice
Forever speaking
Proclaims things good

Good enough to dream again
Of things that might yet be
Good enough to design again
A different destiny

Such is the mystery of change!

We welcome the conversation
And befriend the challenge
Becoming who we are
At our best

We trust in the future
With anticipation
Declaring what we see
On the quest


Bob Tschannen-Moran, IAC-CC, is the President of LifeTrek Coaching International
and a prolific and popular author who writes and edits LifeTrek Provisions,
a weekly electronic newsletter with 50,000 subscribers in 152 countries. After
graduating from Yale Divinity School in the late 1970s, and serving as a pastor
for 20 years, Bob went through Coach U and transitioned into full-time coaching
in the late 1990s. 

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