Coaching Moments

"Coaching Moments" takes a
thoughtful, and sometimes lighthearted, look at how coaching
can be interwoven into our daily lives. 

'tis the
season to be coaching…

by Janice Hunter

There are two
ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that
reflects it.      Edith Wharton

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa
– rituals of love, faith and gratitude that bring light and
warmth, celebration and festive fun into the weariest
corners of our winter hearts. But for me, if ever there was
a coaching season, a time for coaches to really shine and
co-create miracles, this would be it.

Winter can be cold and dreary here in Scotland. We're
sometimes lucky enough to get a crisp, white Christmas, but
most of the time we trudge our way through damp, dreich
days, biting winds and a cold that cuts through to the
bones. But wherever you live, whether you're in the north,
surrounded by people snowed under by stress or in the south
where families are frazzled by the heat and preparations for
family feasts and festivities, this is when we as coaches
can truly thrive and come into our own.

Our common aim is to help people remember what their hearts
already know.

By being authentic and generous, we can fan each spark of
human kindness into a flame that warms whole communities; we
can help our families and friends to pause and take a
breath; we can share a smile with the strangers we meet
every day. In the brightly lit streets, crowded shopping
centres and bustling department stores filled with the sound
of carols and holiday favourites, we can still cherish the
spirit and wonder of childhood and use it to fuel our fight
against the soul destroying consumerism that threatens to
wipe out our world.

If we can share the precious gift of our time, gladden the
heart of a single child, make a homeless person warmer, a
vulnerable person feel a little safer, a hungry person
nourished, an older person feel like a cherished treasure
trove of wisdom, experience and memories – then it adds a
new perspective to our anxieties about how our internet
marketing is doing, how many e-books we've sold today, how
many email addresses we've garnered, how many teleclasses
and phone clients are on our books and whether or not we've
been certified by strangers.

What better time to listen carefully to the voice inside us
that first led us into coaching and other caring

What better time to share our gifts.

We've been lucky enough to learn the skills of knowing how
to love without judgement, how to bring out the greatness in
everyone we touch, how to get to the heart of what's
important. We know how to help people focus, to get centred
in the present, to build glorious futures on the foundations
of past achievements. We know how to help people discover
their authenticity and contribute their unique gifts to the
world. We know the power of serene moments of silence, of
gratitude for the single breath that means our soul still
has a human home. If we only have time to say one prayer for
the joys that have been revealed to as coaches, let it be
"Thank you!"

I thought I'd be tempted to write this December column about
homely rituals that make my simple life seem rich and
abundant, like my special winter mulled fruit juice for kids
and drivers – apple, blueberry and orange juice spiced with
cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

I thought maybe I'd wax lyrical about creativity, making our
own crackers and Christmas cards or that I'd describe in
detail every glittery gold, green and red treasured bauble
in my home.

I half wrote an article about my favourite heartwarming
holiday films, tales of childhood faith, second chances and
integrity like It's a Wonderful Life, Groundhog Day, Prancer,
Scrooged and If You Believe.

I thought of sharing the story of how my nine year old son
finally asked for the truth about Santa last month; there
was no consolation for him in my explanation of Santa being
the holy spirit of love in our hearts that makes every day
feel like Christmas.

I thought I'd share my musings on the innkeeper's wife (did she bring
snacks and blankets?) and my curiosity about what was going on in the
minds of the mystical Magi as they travelled with trust towards strange
lands and the promise of a new life filled with hope.

Instead, I found myself remembering a serious wee Scottish
girl wearing the cowgirl outfit Santa had brought her,
chewing on a brand new pen and dreaming of being a writer
some day. She would like to say thank you to every single
one of you for reading this far. Every word you read creates
a miracle and breathes life into her childhood dream of
touching people with her words.

My thanks go to all of you who've sent emails and
overwhelmed a forty-seven year old mother of two with your
kindness and appreciation. Thank you to those who've
volunteered to be recorded clients for me and given me the
chance to serve you until some day I stay silent long enough
to stumble across those two frustratingly elusive passing
sessions I need to become a certified coach.

I mentioned two passing sessions to a friend in an email the
other day and found myself humming it to the tune of The
Twelve Days of Christmas – you know the one, five gOlden
RINGS! (….and a partridge in a pear tree!) So here's my gift
to all of you coaches going for two passing sessions, hoping
to make this the year your certification dreams come true.
Sing along with a smile before you tackle the rest of your
email inbox!

In my last days of taping, I'll give the IAC…
curious exploring
honing in and sharing
relishing the silence
questions bold and daring
fun and provocation
love, support and caring
feeling what is perfect
5's for most things!
team work design
perfect time
not a single '3'
and a pass that's agenda free!!

Wishing you what you'd wish for yourself this coaching
season – Janice

Hunter lives with her family in Scotland and is currently
working towards IAC certification. She particularly enjoys
supporting other coaches through her writing and can be
contacted at

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